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  • home made gong

    just finished painting my new gong, made from 4 pieces of hardox steel 5mm thick and 350mm diamiter (14") plug welded together and fully welded round the circumference. hopefully the 243 wont give it to bad a hiding. just need to make a take down frame to support it and its all go. think i will have to make some time this weekend to give it a belting


    savage MKII FSS .22 boyds laminate stock leupold VX1 3-9X40
    howa 1500 .243 varmint bedded in boyds thumbhole stock leupold VX3 4.5-14X40 DNZmount
    howa 1500 .223 varmint in the "franken stock" shortened barrel (19") pecar 8X56 DNZmount
    gammo shadow 1000 .177
    akkar churchill 30" O/U 12G extractors

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    Hardox is good stuff. Better than Biss 500 I reckon (From an Engineers perspective, not just a shooter)

    I use a 10" dia piece of 12mm Biss 400 at 300yds that keeps the 308 at bay so 20mm of hardox should stand up to a .243 at 100yds I reckon?

    Then again it is only a Pope gun, maybe handle 50yds :P

    Velocity is the real killer of Gongs, not necessarily energy.
    Anything doing more than 2000fps at the target is going to try & gouge metal out of the gong but the harder the material the more it will withstand it.
    Energy will bend or dent it but velocity will gouge it.
    Hardness will defend Gouging but only thickness will defend Energy.



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      Only one way to find out mate.
      Love your country, love your family, love your sport.