Anyone who still thinks the inner-city cafe set are in touch with the bush...?

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  • Anyone who still thinks the inner-city cafe set are in touch with the bush...?

    This in today’s local cocky-cage liner.

    Click image for larger version

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    I’ve got no time for Katter or his KAP mates, but seriously how dense are the organic-almond-milk-chilled-chai-latte-with-cold-pressed-virgin-chia-seed-sprinkle sipping inner city cafe set? ‘Feral pigs should be rounded up into a fenced off area and left in peace’..... gawd save us.

    I personally belted over 400 last year and barely scratched the surface of the population on just that property.
    "Have more than you show
    Talk less than you know"

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    Yeah, just fence them in eh, that’s not your everyday ordinary brand of stupid is it?
    Not suitable for mature audiences


    • 17Hornet
      17Hornet commented
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      The wonderful thoughtful people that came up with the 'fence them in concept' should be paid for that idea,
      and they could even patent it.

      Perhaps they could start the gathering of the beasts by playing a nice tune on their flutes as they ramble through the
      the gardens of pretty flowers and fairy villages.

      Bloody stupid drop kicks they are.

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    At the risk of being completely politically incorrect, it must have been a lesbian, vegan card-carrying PETA member.
    I have more guns than I need but not as many as I want


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      That is not just normal stupid, that is champion stupid.

      You could enter some of these people into a stupid competition and win the "best in show" prize.
      I work so that I can live, not live so that I can work.


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        Maybe those bright sparks could volunteer their backyards to the cause?

        They might sing a different tune when feral pigs start destroying kale or quinoa crops