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  • Made in Bendigo

    The misses wants one of these, cant say I would argue...


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    Would be a fun daily driver I reckon, no more parking dents at the shops...


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      You sure she skipped the Real Estate guide supplements in that 'weekend rag' you got delivered Saturday...

      At a little under a million for each unit and trailer... I reckon she'd settle for buying you some 'rattle cans' to spray paint your 'troopy'.
      "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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        Hahaha once I found out the wife was pregnant I said that's it I'm getting you one of these lol
        Go hard or Go home.


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          They look an absolute beast.

          As a local to the Bendigo area, see them reasonably regularly driving around, often with "Driver Under Instruction" signs. Not sure, if they are out of the factory or are running out of Pucka doing the training. They seem to use Bendigo of all places for the "City" driving element of the course,


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            Sydney rush hour? 😀
            A good shot at close range beats a 'hit' at a longer range.


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              Originally posted by ZG47 View Post
              Sydney rush hour? 😀
              It is probably a safety reason. Multi tonnes of Hawkei hitting a Hyundi XL would not be pretty.

              The local MMM radio gives traffic reports, like might be delayed for one to two minutes sometimes. Mind there are certainly some shit drivers around Bendigo, my pet hate - indicators what are they? and what are they for? Not just at roundabouts but everywhere.