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    Drop Bears .
    You just wait till having never even seen one in real life and then on a freezing cold frosty night when all the trees and the road itself all looks white like ice and its closed in with tall timber and your on your third round trip for the week, and the jar is getting low, and you are well past tired .....running on MT and then @ 120 clicks you round a bit of a bend and there right in the middle of the road up close and personal is this Fu&^%$#ing Silver like Snow Drop BEAR ......You will be wide awake and firing on all 8 for at least a few K`s.... WTF ?s got nothing on it for a heart starter <NO glow plug needed>
    Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

    Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.


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      One too many 'white crosses'...

      Our ones are tame, 'kindy friendly' and herbivores.
      "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"