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  • Anzac day 2001

    ANZAC DAY, 2001

    A man without a shadow to cast,
    Entombed in a marble stone,
    Rests below the painted mast,
    Where his country’s flag is flown

    He does not hear the bugle sound,
    Nor see his mates’ salute,
    For his body lies in foreign ground
    With other perished troops

    And yet on every ANZAC Day,
    His spirit from the stone,
    Reaches out to join the lay
    Lest he be left alone

    All the people there rejoice,
    Wipe sadder tears away,
    As the veterans’ sing in richer voice
    And bow their heads to pray

    In their hearts and in their souls
    Live the memories of war,
    That flags half-mast upon their poles
    In sadness yet restore

    Along the paths the wives and mothers
    Across the lawns do stare,
    Upon the dads and sons of others
    Who gather everywhere.

    Their service is our heritage!
    For this our soldiers brave
    Died to build a social bridge
    To the Unknown Soldier’s grave

    That spans across the seas of time
    To link with National pride,
    The Territories and States divine
    Where love and peace preside.

    ©Copyright 2001 by Colin F. Jones