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    Where abouts are you flying over in that pic MSR?

    awesome picture.
    Go hard or Go home.


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      Thanks bloke! Was just North of Julia Creek heading from Townsville to Mount Isa, usually a lot higher but the winter winds are pretty savage westerlies that make for a slow old trip if you get too high. We were heading down and when we came through a couple of layers of thin cloud the sun just popped out between them. Sure do get some outstanding sunsets here,has something to do with the dust in the atmosphere i think. Some truly spectacular stuff on this thread from all over the country!
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    Hi all.Ive been up to Cairns twice on holidays over the past 10 years daughter was living there for a few years......I have been.thinking of the locals up there a lot since Corona broke out
    They use to say 120000 locals to cater for 3 million visitors a year....a lot of businesses up there must really be having a very bad time coping with such a catastophic downturn in tourism.


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      Yeah was pretty brutal when we went there- usually wall-to-wall backpackers and asian tourists, pretty light on at the moment.

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    One of the funny memories I have of Cairns was the fact that we caught some sooties up there and thought they werent bad eating.We got a bit fish hungry for a while and noticed that they had milk fish at the Cains markets for cheap..and nice clean looking fish
    I looked up Harrisons book on his take on that fish before buying and had a good laugh at his comments
    He said they might look great but as to eating them....If the quantity of bones doesnt put you off the flavour certainly will...everdently a good one for catch and release


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      This morning looking out the kitchen window

      Click image for larger version

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      You know that moment when the steak is on the grill and your mouth waters in anticipation? Vegans feel the same after mowing the lawn.