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  • last weekends photos

    it's a bit quiet here so far so i thought i'd kick it off

    here's a few pics from the weekend. We took the dogs out to a mates property for a run around and to shoot a few ferals.

    sat lunch was a picnic at a spot by the river, the property has a spot called gus' where an old cocky lived. he died at 90ish a few years back. well we went to gus' grandpa's place. a spot on a hill overlooking the grazing country. the shed's been leveled by the cattle now but the place has a great feel to it. you can almost smell the smoke from the fire and hear the old bloke whistle to his dog

    enjoy some pics, steve

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    Nice shots steve

    Glad to hear you have a private property in the wake of the GC demise.

    Manage to bag anything?


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      6602steven commented
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      One bunny at 100m with a nice head shot with the .22, a miss on a feral cat at 70m.

      Next time will be different.


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    Looks like a promising spot for bunnies, at the right time

    Head shot at 100m isn't too shabby either! Comisserations on the cat; almost had a bead on one at my cousin's property once, but it got up a tree lol


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      We were watching a fox coming towards us and lost him near the riverbank. Then a black feral cat appears and runs up a tree. Turns out the fox was chasing the cat. At the shot all I could see was the back of the cats head but I shot high. He went one way and the fox the other and I was between two other people so I couldn't track them with the .22. I had a long shot at the cat as is ran into some rocks but missed at around 130m.

      Like I said next time Will be different, I will carry either the .243 or the 7-08

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    looks like a good spot steve, any time spend hunting/out bush, is good time :P