Posting pictures the right way up.

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  • Posting pictures the right way up.

    Be careful using the iPhone to take photos if the landscape/portrait is not locked onto portrait. As you take the photo then maybe turn the iPhone on its side to type the post, the photo turns on its side and gets post on its side. If the photo is not right side up in 'my pictures' right click on it to turn it clockwise repeat if necessary to get it the right way up. And always post a pic if you have one.

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    I posted a pic of my shotgun and it was upside down, don't know how to change it.



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      I think you have to delete the photo off here, and go to 'my pictures' on your computer, select the same photo, right click on it and rotate it, either clockwise or anti clockwise to get it the right way up and then repost it, 'add file' ..insert..submit!

      You can 'rotate' as many times as necessary to get it right. Normally only twice, max.