Latest trailcam pics, red deer

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  • Latest trailcam pics, red deer

    Went out and picked up a couple of my trail cams this morning after a couple of months in the bush, got some nice pics

    A day not hunting is a day lost

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    nice work, thanks for sharing, I've had mine out again for a few weeks and only got pics of a koala and a couple of foxes.


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      Good stuff mate, i just bought my trail cam and im gettin used to all the diffrent settings, its too dark or too bright, then too sensitive (taking photos of leaves) etc.. ahahah i will get there one day.. but yeah at least its working out for you

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    nice to see whats out there.
    thanks for the cool pics.


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      I think that " The Predator " is stalking a couple of the deer in pic #3.


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