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    Hi All.Annie Oakleys history came up on my iphone so I did some research.She was a very interesting person particularly for her time.Great shot with a variety of firearms (an absolute legend) and I had to have a smile about the fact that she could handle the recoil of a shotgun no worries at 5 foot tall and only weighing 100lb.She certainly was a kind woman of great moral values and had an very rare natural ability in the art of shooting. A rare diamond indeed. There is a museum set up in her home town in the US where the locals were always so proud of her.

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    Annie Oakley received a gift from Marlin firearms in 1903.A beautifull gold engraved lever action with a plaque on the left hand side of the stock.She used Marlin rifles a lot in her trick shooting. This rifle was sold at auction in the US for $575000 last year. Not bad for a second hand rifle
    I dont think that one will be coming up on Used Guns here in Oz any time soon....