Blooding the "Punisher"

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  • Blooding the "Punisher"

    School holidays here again, Will was keen for a few days away for some Father son time!
    Arriving at the property and the owner said there were a few around in one of our usual areas, that always seems to bring the numbers.
    With camp done and lunch down, we decided to do a quick arvo run out the back blocks and found a few small mobs here and there, nothing was taken.
    We threw in the yabbies nets but didn't do to well, and we only got a few! Sad

    Next day we were out the the other area and it wasn't long before a few mobs were sighted. A couple of meduim billies were taken and a couple of young eaters as well, with Will taking this old skanky broken mouth billy! I think he done him a favour!
    Later on in the day I noticed a billy standing along a creek bank catching the breeze.
    I decided this would be a good chance to try out the Ruger #1 in 375 H&H with Federal factory 270gn loads.
    A quick stalk and I was within 40m, chambered a round and squeezed the shot off, the goat was dead before he knew it, as Will said there was another one, at 50 odd meters the 375 let rip and the goat sank to the ground, I like this round!! Grin
    After a few pics, Will said that bloody thing doesn't kill goats, it punishes them!
    So that was the blooding of the "punisher" (nicknamed by Will) and I can't wait to try it on camels! Smile

    The next two days were pretty well the same, taking a few young goats for meat, there were no real trophy goats to be taken on this trip, although some solid billies but small in the horn department, but we had a great trip and some quality father son time that's second to none!

    A few pics from the trip!

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    looks like you had a good time.
    bit of meat in the freezer now?
    pretty hard to beat a camp site, camp fire, good scenery, and some good memories afterwards.
    in SA? looks like it.


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      Originally posted by Send-it" post=5378
      looks like you had a good time.
      in SA? looks like it.
      Yep, north east of SA!

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      Great pics mate, looks like you had a great time.

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    good stuff, i cant wait until my son is old enough to take hunting, he's only 2 so ive got a while to wait.

    that camo gear your son is wearing works well in the country where the photos were taken, blends in nicely i reckon


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      thought so.