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    Hi all
    Just thought you would like an update of the August shoot after 3 days of hunting 83 pigs were bagged. One section I walked into one afternoon showed great sign so I backed out to choose my time. So two days later I popped in for a sneak around and picked up 19 pigs in 1 hour with the 300 mag. A lot were dropped on the spot and the others not knowing what happened just put there heads down and kept eating all while I was hiding behind a tree.
    Next day I did a big ride around on the quad and picked up about 14 that day and should have been about 25 as I got the quad bogged and in the spinning of the tyres mud got into the action of the Hawke eye 243 so waiting for the right time to start the trip home being dusk cam across heaps of pigs but the mud stopped the trigger engaging. To the heart ache of it just had to watch as they ran in front of me crossing the rd even running down the fence line 20 m in front me stopping when I did.

    That’s why I got the synthetic stock its shower proof and thus started the next dilemma had a few( cups of tea) ? cleaned it and its all good ready to go. Got into the reed and started to see hogs only to find 80% of my eye piece fogged up. It was average only got 6 pigs and watched about 20 run away while trying to find the black spot around the clear section of glass around the outside of the eye piece. The remedy was unscrew the eye piece light the wood heater and sit it on top 40 min solved.
    I walked in from the opposite end and found the day care centre lounge room and restaurant and for two days walked through the same patch nailing more every day and still had so many around me but you just cant see them. The last day produced 32 pigs and at 5.30 ball deep in water hit the 80 mark and the wall. So I started to walk back doing the very load trudge in water and a big boar ran from the right in front of me so then its 81. On the way back to camp found 4 more out in the open going out to feed on the crop next door so that’s were 82 and 83 came from.
    Oh the cat was a bonus as you know they kill so much of our fauna
    Cheers Jb
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    Good work fella, knocking the Ferals.

    How did you go with the Quad Bike removal from the mud hole ???



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      Jethro Bodine commented
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      Thanks guys put a winch on the back with it bolted to a plate that can be moved to the front but couldnt be bothered unbolting it at 4.30 in the arvo so I just hooked it over the top and put it higher up the tree $99 winch saved me a 12 k walk at that time of the arvo and I had no esky eh you just see the cable coming from the back
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    Good work Jethro
    Sent via pony express and mail plane

    You know that moment when the steak is on the grill and your mouth waters in anticipation? Vegans feel the same after mowing the lawn.


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      nicely done mate, i honestly can't say i'd ever think to take that much ammo

      can only imagine the water would be warrm but you'd be over it before lunch



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        Jethro Bodine commented
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        Cheers mate yeah some days were funny shooting for 3 I had ammo in ever part of my vest so it wouldnt clang together took me about 30 min to go through the packs and bike to find all the ammo for the trip home to keep it locked up. I found two 243's in the engel fridge they were a bit cold but still went ok must have of had a hand full of ammo when I went in to get a juice
        Putting wet boots on isnt fun but once there on its ok just the mud makes them shrink and hard to get a foot in I found running them under the shower with hot water nice at 6.30 am

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      bloody good effort mate!

      sounds like you had one heck of a time!




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        Ewe wee!!! There Jethro been stompin' 'round th' swamp again... eh boy?

        Them cotton grow'n folk release much more water and you's will have to take th' Air boat... by th' way, you's will find th' esky in it.


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          Nice job mate, well done.
          Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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            That is one fat cat..... I gotta say Jethro :lol:


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              Sounds like top sport Jethro. Sounds like my kind of hunt! The shrinking boots can be frustrating so I tend to walk through every puddle I find to keep them soft. Clanging brass and loaded rounds are a bitch - when the pigs are thick I leave the .300 in the car and grab my .308 and a belt full of cartridges.