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    This evening on one of my infrequent forays into the interweb I noticed a thread from ol mate Several, explaining his recent lack of input. I am in a similar boat, where COVID has made life, writing and shooting mere memories.

    The workload has increased while the staff numbers have shrunk which means limited days off and no holidays.

    At the same time the weather has been very unseasonal with summer heat persisting in the 40's halfway through Autumn. The addition of both heavy early rain and late rain has made many of my usual haunts either unable to be accessed or no point in accessing as the critters enjoy the green vegetation and ample water supplies in the channel country where nothing this side of a Ukrainian farmer and his tractor are going to get into.

    A side effect of the weather has been worse than usual supply chain issues as the southern part of the state gets first dibs on everything. The same weather has caused major grief to so many people still trying to recover from the last lot in 2019 and 2021; my genuine and heart-felt sympathies to those folk.

    And lets not forget our favourite mega-psychopathic dictators in russia, afghanistan, china and north korea, aren't they all showing their true colours?

    On top of that, numbah 2 daughter enlisted into the RAAF (yay) then got COVID (boo) then got better (yay) then got shipped to Initial Training (boo); so with Snipergirl in full time Uni, SG2 in the Wild Blue Yonder and #1 Son ensconced in his room with a permanent attachment to the bloody iPhone; my shooting mate Dave chucked in the job and buggered off to NS bloody W; we copped a break-and-enter at home (bastards); my mates who managed one of my hunting properties decided to give it up in favour of early retirement and moved to NS bloody W; and the sodding house falling down around me for lack of maintenance and interest, shooting has been a non-starter since my last trip with Bruce in November last year. (and Bruce, the treacherous dog, has scored a trip with a NT local to knock off bloody buff in the Arnhem.)

    The start-of-year training cycle is also in full swing with one check done and two more coming up in June. Dunno how many more of these I've got in me...

    So, I apologise for my absence to those who noticed and commit to getting off my arse, taking some leave, cleaning the guns and getting Back to the Bush.

    Watch this space (but don't hold your breath, that could end badly )

    Best regards: MSR

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