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  • Epic Hunt but Messy

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    Started my hunt in my old spot but once again, nothing seen.
    I did hear what I think must be a Red deer roaring for the first 1/2 hr of light.
    Heard it one other year and thought it must be weird wild cattle.
    Nothing else seen including a walk down the pig track as I call it a few km down the road.

    Checked out another corner of the forest, a bit of a hike driving and so thick, I don't know how they could hunt it apart from walking on the roads.

    Back into town and checked out the local dam that used to supply our water back in the day.
    Checked out the town and a pie for lunch as I forgot to load my packed lunches.
    Checked in to rough it in the motel and figured the roaring made it a worthwhile hunt.
    I heard the choppers hit the deer again in the lead up to the rut so not expecting much.

    Got a great pizza for tea so the esky and ice bottles will be useful to get the leftover pieces home.

    Incognito as a non-hunting citizen but bike riders and a truck of workers roll in and other early rising hunters are heading out with me in the morning darkness.

    Parked on an off-shoot track, further along, that will give better access to try and stalk down the roaring stag but you guessed it, silent and nothing but those white fkn cockies that bust me when walking that way.

    Good thing with trees down everywhere in there is no keen poachers can drive the walking tracks, also no other hunters like last year when the deer were thin, maybe they gave up on the area that I was deciding to do, but it is just a great stalking circuit and could be productive.

    I get to the last good spot that is getting thicker but mostly just brushy and blackberry patches in the native bush with scattered clearings.
    Good for a long shot in if it presents.

    Then I see a white ass fleeing and I ready myself rather than just watch them as in the past.

    There are more, 3 or 4 tan does I think.
    Not fleeing as in bolting like f__k, just slowly prancing away.

    One stops sorta side on so I just let one go offhand, forgot to use the sling again.
    Looked like they just ran off but not sure on one if it was 100%.
    I mark the spot and range it at 130m thinking should I have tried to get to a tree support as they weren't panicked.

    I make my way through the thinest berry batch and as I close in, I see movement and think of a bad hit.
    I moove from tree to tree and see the doe lunge and dive into cover.
    It didn't come out so I am scoping the brushes when it pops it's head up to look.
    I had a tree support and shot in in neck from about 20-30m.

    Job done and it's dead within a minute.
    The first shot was a full on gut shot a long way back and came out through the rear leg meat area.
    Was a lot of meat wasted and no rutting buck but a doe in the hand is worth 2 bucks in the bush and beggars can't be picky.
    The blackberries caught my leg getting out and hands full with the hide, I had to just take an easy fall.
    Sort of landing on the rifle so need to check it's sighted again, only just did that a few weeks back and didn't want to waste ammo.

    I wanted another tanned hide for the other bay window and this one is matching but darker with the dark strip rather than my other pale one.
    Even the skinning was messy as it has been so long, well over the normal 2 years between drinks.
    Spent about 2hrs cutting bits of flesh off on the tailgate.
    As expected, the special skinning knife thing is not in my pack, the bullet pin finder is but both pills exited.
    Yesterday my more skinner specialist knife was in my pocket, but not today so the Herne special did it all and did a fine job.

    Great that the deer still get to the spot and will never know if a buck was behind the does but I don't think so and it hasn't really kicked off.
    The reds go off earlier, so it all ties in and we haven't had the cold spell that often hits at the start.

    The 2 best mature bucks that I have seen were on the last day of the last deer season we had so I will keep chasing them when the crowds are gone back home.

    I heard a chopper on the first morning but no shots were heard.
    Seen one in the area when driving home that had outrigger bits sticking out on both sides, not sure if they are shooters.
    I just got in before the people pressure and lucky to get a hunt in before the latest 1 in 20 year rain event so it's a great feeling to take a deer as well.

    So buggered now, I have only just cracked my 2nd celebration beer.

    Will put the neatest photo up, but even on her best side and all set up, it is like I said, messy.

    I hope someone shoots a nice buck or stag somewhere and has a better story to tell.

    Maybe your turn Sparta, after this rain and southerly weather it could be on.

    Looks like my image is one size too big so it will have to come later.
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    Great stuff 'magoo'. I've been waiting for you to come up trumps. You certainly do the home and leg work... Good onya mate, some 'tucker' in the box.

    Sometimes mate, it pays to slow down and ready yourself a little more because that first glimpse usually isn't the first or clear sighting you will get. The best shots come from some lay in waiting... You have yourself more set and the animals that come into view may have toned it down a bit not seeing the threat.

    Because you are the first kill of the season posted up here, you've won yourself a great prize sponsored by our very own Packs and Beyond.

    This Source Hydration Pack for your future hikes. Perfect little day 'carry' for a water bladder, snack, knife, handful of spare rounds and meat sack...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg Views:	9 Size:	50.7 KB ID:	325544

    You know what I need...

    Happy trails,


    P.S. They are here… And at $2.5K a real contention.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1ED436E0-1681-4C85-8287-D519959BA816.jpg Views:	13 Size:	49.8 KB ID:	325546
    "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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      Good stuff Magoo. Glad you finally got one.
      you reap the rewards when you do the hard yards.

      yeah Iv done the same with adrenaline kicking in, I had a chat with Herne about it and he gave me some great advice. About shot placement and keeping calm when the mob do show.

      And you kept the hide good on you.

      Iv been stinging to go, I need to stock up again on cuts. This lovely weather we've been having is just great lol
      Go hard or Go home.


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        Thanks Herne, your generosity is always appreciated.

        Yeah, the choice to shoot or not is always hard in the forest and I went home empty-handed a few times.
        If they are not onto me, I won't shoot like that.
        Also a nice boiler room shot would have given some conclusion to the faster Woodleig pill experiment.
        They both exited but maybe no bone and the neck is much smaller.
        They could be a harder pill and would open up well for bigger deer like reds and sambar.
        My old soft point load is prob perfect for Fallow but need a good chest shot to compare them.

        My photo was OK as I placed the knife over the hole with just a bit of blood on the ear that I should have wiped but I still can't post it here.
        The re-sizing using the windows ways just doesn't seem to work or is not compatible.
        The only way I get pics up is by setting the camera on lower res but I set it full for my photos.


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          Interesting Sparta, as I just thought about it and I didn't have buck fever, just readied the rifle and decided to take the shot.
          That would be why the shot was OK for 130m offhand as I have missed a couple before.
          I also practice a little and getting confident for 60 yards or so but 100 can be a 10 ring or off the paper LOL

          They have taken off in that same area before and you never find them again.
          I just flank the outskirts from the track and don't go into the middle, their area.
          I did in the past and on 2 occasions must have been so close and downwind as I got the smell but still saw nothing.
          They would have heard me and snuck off.

          The hide better work out as it's a lot of tedious work and due to the lovely weather now, it's in the garage dripping blood into buckets, I hope.
          Also got some holes in it.
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            Fleshing yesterday and it took hours, forgot how shit a job it is, did it through rain, cloud and a few short sun spells.
            Couldn't even give the job to your worst apprentice as he wouldn't achieve it.

            Will do the Aussie young mum's uTube method with more steps but avoiding the other crap job, of breaking it in.
            She said they have never needed to do it.

            Talk about making it hard for myself, when I searched for my skinning zipper knife, it was in the day pack all along.
            In a shopping bag with other processing things.


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              How about some pics ‘Magoo’?

              Plus I need your postal again mate…
              "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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                I have 1 presentable pic but it's too big or high res for the size limit here.
                I tried many times to just right-click the file and use the re-size options but it just never works.
                I need a photo editing program but need a tip on a good user-friendly one to download.

                I spent hours getting the troublesome DPI maps onto my Garmin and Evensa on the phone as I got a tip that it is now a requirement to show your position on an electronic map on demand, used to be covered by just having a paper copy and I was never notified of the changes.
                Every quarter they do a new map and changes to hunting and exclusion zones.
                Every quarter I spend hours as they did an update that stops it transferring despite turning all security stuff and blockers off.
                It was a headache, but I now have the latest maps on Garmin, Evensa, and their app that is said to be next to useless. Map is hardly readable.
                Another reason I hunt the same area as I know where I am and the zone changes are on my computer to study beforehand.

                One more chance to see or hear something with antlers, Tuesday morning, then it will prob all kickoff but people will be everywhere so they can have the rut.

                Another reliable tip for the Western Sydney area is like I seen, the Reds are going off but the Fallow are just starting to change behavior and could kick off any time now.

                Will message the address.



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                  Magoo, try FastStone Image Viewer.I use it all the time and it's free
                  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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                    Downloaded 17fireballs program and got a photo at the very start.

                    Not as user friendly as it took a while to find where to re-size but it should do me.


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                      Originally posted by magoo View Post
                      Downloaded 17fireballs program and got a photo at the very start.

                      Not as user friendly as it took a while to find where to re-size but it should do me.
                      It took me a while to begin with but now I am familiar with it it has become routine
                      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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                        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0548.jpg Views:	8 Size:	33.7 KB ID:	325598 Well, looks like I have increased my average after a long time between drinks.
                        It is now 2 in as many weeks and he looks bigger and older than any satellite buck to me.

                        I started my walk along the track from the same parking area and what do I hear.
                        A fking croaking buck and he ain't stopping.
                        I sorta think I know where they will be and it gets louder.
                        Wind is right and soft under foot, I even go into that semi crouch stance that doesn't my back much good, and never done it stalking before.

                        I see 2 does and then the antlers, all dancing around about 150m out in their brush country.
                        Don't know how but they do seem to be looking my way and using brush cover.
                        They are staying around so I keep trees to stop the buck from seeing much of me but I can't get good vision on them, just enough to know what they are doing.

                        I show restraint and just get behind a log and try binos, bit low light or maybe I didn't get great focus.
                        It's comfy sitting behind the log looking through the scope.
                        Not too low for a shot when he steps out from the bushes.

                        I up the mag and find him.
                        He steps out revealing a side on chest shot
                        I stay settled and take the shot.

                        Can see him moving to and fro with antlers appearing up and down.
                        I feel good about it all and do the position marking thing and wait till I see nothing move.

                        It is an easy walk in and I see him laying there pretty early.
                        Seems, he decided on his bed area to lay down and I am just stoked and watching his last twitches.
                        I think I got the big boy rather than a satellite buck and has some age.
                        I guess 4 or so but I know the man that will give me a good estimate when the range is back running.

                        I thought I hit him a bit far back again but again that is the exit, not huge but bigger.
                        The Woodleigh entered pretty much centre chest.
                        I spose these pills really are designed for big game as the soft point pills used to stay in the animal.
                        I was ready to find it till I saw the small entry hole.

                        It has taken about 6 years in my forest hunting career but it sure is a great feeling and so worthwhile.
                        Covid did stop 2 ruts in a row.

                        I can be content now and after the Easter crowds and stuff can take the shotty or 22mag for a walk as I don't have to have the deer rifle.
                        Can also look at that closer forest, a pig was standing on the road feeding and seen big dead ones in that forest, must be a few there.
                        They seem to be pretty elusive in the forests of a daytime.

                        Bloody photo didn't work and it looked like a smaller one I set the camera to.
                        Got to play the games again.
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                          Good on you Magoo.
                          the forest is really working out for you.
                          looking forward to seeing what he looks like.
                          Go hard or Go home.


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                            The time and effort has paid off 'magoo'. This must be not only very satisfying but reassuring for you. We have lived your journey of the last half decade with you and your Buck is more than likely just as old 5-6 years.

                            Well done and thanks for sharing your stories with us...

                            I am yet to get back out there due to weather and work circumstances myself. I am still yet to move the 'van' to it's FOB and thinking, I'll probably get a 'hike' in before I even get that moved... With all this rain of late, the ground is far to wet to get a tilt-tray over it.

                            I had a late start last year as well but ended up doing well. I also intend to hike a neighboring property and a third one 40K's North from my usual spot as well this year...

                            Bet you can't wait to get back into it again after the holiday 2 weekend?



                            "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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                              I feel so contented that I have no real thoughts on getting back out and 2 weeks in a row for 3 morning hunts is a record only beat by the results LOL

                              I rang an older club mate for knowledge on cleaning the skull and he said they are now going off in the Singleton area so it has kicked off propper. for our areas.

                              Yeah, I averaged 4-5 years to be a bit conservative but he has age and I have my trophy.
                              The last one I got eyes on when the spot had good rut activity was 3 or 4 years back and he was more a younger one but had a great blend of dark colours.
                              I expected that to be about right for my first.

                              One antler is smaller and that is about all that drops it under perfection.

                              He was in good condition due to being early rut.

                              Yeah, the weather has made it hard and stopped any recce for me, I had to just jump in and both windows opened despite booking in advance.