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  • Favourite factory .243 ammo

    What is your favourite factory .243 ammo to use for pig shooting or whats better hollowpoints/ballistic tip/softpoints,

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    depends what you call better.
    accuracy tends to be better with either hollow points or poly tipped bullets.
    but its pretty hard to beat a lead tipped bullet for hunting.
    you have many options.
    anything from 70gr up to 100gr that will shoot less than 2" groups at 100m will be ok unless you're gonna take long distance shots.
    yes its a vague answer, but its for pigs yeah?
    federal 80gr would be ok.
    try 3 brands, then use the most accurate of those three brands.


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      Hi mate, I use a 6mm REM very similar to .243 and only use 100g sierra pro hunters or nosler partitions.(handloads). The 90g - 100g I find are better on heavier game, the lighter bullets unless Barnes types can be a bit lacking in penetration. I have used the federal 100gr powershok and they worked well.

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    Generally speaking, the .243 80 grain load is a varmint round, the 100 grain load a light big game (deer) round.
    This assumes USA manufacture. Either round will work under the right conditions.

    Have only shot goats with mine, and a 'game' bullet works better than a 'varmint' bullet in handloads assuming similar weights.
    This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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      It all depends on the rifle, brand of ammo ,the conditions and the size of the game (pigs) .
      I have over the years use PMC, Remington, Winchester and highland in 3 different rifles, but more latey out of my Savage XP Axis which does shoot 0.50" handloads.
      Of the 80gr and 100gr Lok Sp Remington and the highland sp 90gr, the Rems 100gr just do a little bit better on paper at 100 around 0.90" to 1 " . But for about $6 a box cheaper, give the highlands a go on pigs. they have never let me down on pigs and goats And they shot clean though the barrel too, were some russian and old PMC's were dirty
      Good luck
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