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    Well fellas. We loaded up Click image for larger version

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    got the 2 sisters packed the 308 and 243 scouts. left Sydney at 0200 hrs. Had to pick up the cousin and we were on our way. ​ the cousins ford ranger looks more like the Stealth if you ask me lol.
    got to the farm we had booked in at 0730, we were supposed to meet the farmer at 0700 but due to heavy fog we were running slightly late. Got to the gates no body there locked gates great!!, so we waited 45 minutes still nothing and we didn't have his number because we booked it thru inland hunting.
    so after an hr we said we'd go ask any neighbors. Stopped at the first neighbor's he didn't know the bloke. Got to the second neighbor he knew of the bloke but not well he was a young fellas so I was chatting with him for a while and asked him if we could hunt on his property. Sure, il get you onto my dad's property up the road!!.you beauty. Exchanged numbers and we left in pursuit of the farmer we were supposed to be meeting. Finally got hold of inland hunting to find out the farmer forgot we were coming.
    by this time is was 0900 furious that were losing time. Were told where there was a stashed key, finally were In !!
    0930 we find a decent looking camp site set up the tent and all the bits and pieces solar panels for the fridge. still no breakfast so we crank the portable BBQ for some bacon and eggs.

    By now it was 0110 so we load up and thought we'd walk the creek line,spent the arvo walking didn't spot anything not even some roos. Got back to camp around 1600 for a feed and got the gear together for a night shot. We were out till 2200 with only a fox and hare spotted. paddocks had real tall grass which made spotting hard . Hoping for a better day the next morning we were up early and out walking the creek line. Click image for larger version

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ID:	321348 Afted 5 hrs of walking creek lines checking dams with not even a single sight of any ferals. We decided to give the neighbor a buzz. He said come on up after lunch and il take you around. He was a legend drove us around showing us his property for 2.5 hrs said we could borrow the ute if we wanted to come back for a spotlight ( Sweet)
    so we got back to camp had a quick feed picked up spot lights and headed back to the neighbors place within 10 minutes we got our first fox Click image for larger version

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ID:	321349 taken with the bros new 223 browning. He was stoked.
    driving around for a few hrs we managed to get another 3 foxes and 4 Hares the 243 scout did an awesome job on the hare. Gotta love those 95 grain ballistic tips . No luck with the porkers but there were plenty of signs.

    The next morning we broke camp left the property we were on told to leave the cash in the mailbox.
    we pulled In to thank the neighbor who had been so kind to let us hunt on his property had a quick chat with him left him a couple of pineapples in his ute.
    He said we're welcome back anytime. So fingers crossed another month or so and we'll be back out there to get those porkers.
    As disappointed it was this trip we got bugger all we meet a legend of a bloke got a few foxes and hares and a new property to hunt on for next trip.

    Go hard or Go home.

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    Yep its like that in the Country, never fail to talk to people, be friendly and upfront, never know what is around that corner.

    Even if the original booked property was a flop, dont do the wrong thing, it will get back some way, just move on and make the most of things.
    As you found out, you were welcome next door.

    Bonus points Sparts.
    The TRUTH is out there,
    the Aliens think its a great joke on us.
    We still believe in Santa, but eat the Easter Bunny

    And the Easter Bunny tastes SO GOOD !!
    That's why he is made of Chocolate.


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      Can't complain getting a property that easy, just got to meet the right bloke LOL


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        That's right Hornet. I always take the time to chat to people. My old boss said to me once "geez you say Gday to everyone " as we were unloading the truck for work one morning.
        Come to think of it that's how I met Herne one morning at the coffee shop just a random chit chat. Then a few weeks later we ended up working for him on one of his jobs.
        But yes we were very lucky to be welcome back to Bruce's place anytime.
        oh yes definitely leave the place as you found it be kind and respectful. You hear some horror stories of blokes not getting anything so shoot up tanks cut fences. It's not right, plus it tarnishes all us hunters.

        magoo, it just takes patience and time iv been asking around for 3 yrs slowly slowly you will get there.
        like you said it's all about meeting the right bloke and networking.
        Go hard or Go home.