Great results with red filter on spotlight

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  • Great results with red filter on spotlight

    Hi All
    Just thought Id share some interesting results using a red filter on a lightforce 240 blitz . I starting using the red filter some months ago and was a little disheartened to find that the beam distance was reduced by about a fifth when initially putting it on the light. I persevered and found that when spotting a mob of pigs they didn't even seem to notice a beam was on them it was a great success , and minutes later I used the light again on a mob of roos with exactly the same result. To my amazement when spotting a fox it started to head towards the beam and came in within 25 metres of the beam, I thought this was just a fluke but it has happened on several trips again. Although you loose some distance the advantage of the animals not even bothering about the beam is a huge advantage. Would defiantly recommend.

    Regards Rod