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    Is anyone able to tell me if you can legally practice shooting in a Pine Forest??

    We have them all over the place here (Mount Gambier - SA)...

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    Not without a licence, no.
    Once you have your licence, you will have the answer as well.


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      Pine forests are generally private commercial plantations. I know in Vic there is no way you will get permission even though deer are in them. No harm in asking the owners though I guess....don't like your chances though.
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        Well I dont know anything about your state laws but in NSW pine forests are normally state forest which were under NSW game council control till its demise.
        So you needed to be licensed, have a GC license to shoot in forests & then the the answer is still NO!
        But as I say check your local state regulator authorities laws!
        Technically speaking even using a private property as a range in NSW is illegal but you can put up a target to sight in a rifle & take it down again!

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      Depends on your State regulations, "practise" don't like your chances, if it is private property you can always ask!


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        hey mate in SA you cant hunting any forest, parks etc as far as i know.. its shit house but thats the cards we are delt unfortunetly.

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      You will need written premission to shoot in any of the pine forests around the S.E South Australia, its generally discouraged as the owners don't want projectiles lodging in tress and damaging timber, plus i've heard they can be dangerous if hit during miling. Lot's of people shoot illegally in the pines/blue gum plantations, they are a real menance and give LAFO a bad name, they boys in blue have cracked down lately and rounded a few up. Best bet is to head over to VIc where you can shoot in the state forests legally for vermin or get a game permit for deer hunting.
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