Any body been out Boulia (QLD) for a hunt?

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  • Any body been out Boulia (QLD) for a hunt?

    Got a group of about 5 heading out that way mid February, any experiences/tips to share?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Take plenty of h2o
    It will be bloody hot and dry
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      Most of this will be applicable

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    Take plenty of supplies, of things that will ruin your trip, if you run out or need them. Its Boulia, and truly, in the sticks. I know a few people who grew up there.

    Hat, sunscreen, water, did anyone say, water?


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      Cheers guys.

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    I grew up out that way and now work fifo in the area. It will be hot, and then some. Already getting 40 plus days and with the rain, it has been stinking. If we get a far bit more rain it will make it hard to find anything. We have had pretty much drought conditions for the last couple of years, so heaps of died off. Should be plenty of cats though, the buggers have been everywhere and with a good wet will really breed up on the birds.
    Bring your own shade, because there may be bugger all where you are camping.
    Where abouts are you heading, saying Boulia covers a big area.
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      I'll get back to ya on that. Its a local blokes land, a mate of a mate.

      I'll flick ya a pm when we hit february for an up-to-date field report if ya dont mind.