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  • SA FERETERS!!!!!

    hi guys,

    any fereters in SA on here? if so give me a pm, have ALOT!!!!!!! of rabbits for you to get your hands on about 100km's north of adelaide. we are shooting them but they are becoming gun shy and its costing way to much. getting over 100 per night twice per week and they are breading quicker than we can shoot.


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    Hey mate,

    I have used ferrets occasionally down in the mallee region and seems to work alright.. Just buy a couple of em and throw them down one end of the warren and when they run out hit em with the shot gun. If you want some one to shoot them, more than happy to help.

    Hope this helps.


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      How does ferreting work I've never seen it?

      Always happy to help shoot some if you want


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        feret goes in,........rabbit comes out into net.
        feret also eats a rabbit inside and sleeps.
        guy looses feret. :lol:


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          i assume ferreting works. the good thing about it is you can do it during the day time.

          also helps get rid of the gun shy rabbits aswell

          yeah they do stay down the holes ever now and then, thats why i want someone else to come do it, that way i dont need to worry about buying ferrets and loosing them haha.

          i dont need shooters at the property, thats my job haha. have had major problems with idiots leaving gates open and stealing stock. even people that arnt invited/allowed (strangers) stop in and shoot there every now and then. i drive past twice daily and catch people or the people living need door call me if they see someone there if i havent let them know im heading out there. over 12 people have been reported to police so far in the last 18 months. so its a big problem! because of this, the owner wont let anyone else shoot there. even with my supervision because there is a risk of them coming back.

          with that said, everynow and then ill pick a couple shooters to take under my wing, put them on shit properties for a few times, if they prove them selves and are good people then ill slowly give them better properties. just depends who helps me out with questions etc....... have taken out about 40 people from and given them properties they can go out to anytime they like


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            Cant hurt to ask :P

            Good luck with the ferrets :lol:


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              Gday, Im from Adelaide and would be happy to come up with my offsider and help with the rabbit problem. Sadly don't have ferrets but Ive used them in the past (and had to dig the bloody things out when they've had a sleep after a feed of kittens). Good fun ferrets are though and they can be very productive. I work up to 60h weeks sometimes so getting a night or 2 free can be tricky but Im always open to trying out new spots. Can give references of the place we currently shoot on if needed (large well known landowner in the SE). We might even be able to sort a weekend swap out.
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