This Arvo's shoot with the .204ruger

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  • This Arvo's shoot with the .204ruger


    Just got back from this arvo after giving the rabbits another hiding. We only set up at the one spot today and it proved pretty successful. We had a good field of view ranging from hillsides onto flats with distances 500 yards+......... Wind conditions not as bad as last week with the strongest gusts to about 15 knots. There was plenty of time to shoot in between the breeze.

    My mate and I ended up with 24 for the afternoon, ranging from 100-340yds........ Yes I beat my PB from last week by 7 yards , actually I scored 6 rabbits over 300yds this shoot so i'm pretty happy.

    Best part about it was when my mate and I were gathering the rabbits the ones shot at the warrens 340yds away (3 of) they were all half grown. 1 head shot and 2 body shots.

    Shot quite a few between 200-300 yards and 6 or so under 200yds.

    Sorry only have a couple of pics we left the cameras at home this time. Quite a bit of Myxo getting around too so the numbers will drop back over summer, but the does were all milky or full of kittens.

    Pet load
    39gr SBK
    28gr 2206h
    CCI BR4
    1.935" COAL


    Sorry cant really see the rifle, I wrapped the barrel so it wouldn't glare..... And left a few bunnies out there that were in pieces

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    another nice day out bowlin' some varmints by the look of it butta.
    whats the purple thing?


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      Nice one Butta - but ya gotta challenge ya self more mate, start takin more heads at 300m +- now that's fun and a great challenge! :lol:

      Well done and keep em coming!

      I try and do headshots only now on the bunnies with the 204, ya don't get em all but it's a great challenge alright.

      I see we are running almost Identical loads - mines 28.1gn of 2206H, couldn't tell ya the OAL, never measured it, pretty much what ever the standard factory setting is, seems to shoot well enough like that.
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        Send It: That purple thing is a cooler bag with water and a few beers that were had after the hunt.

        Varminator: I think we had 15 head shots from 24 rabbits, some were front on and blowing the rabbit into pieces so we left them in the field. Also there are a few head shots in the photo, just hard to see.

        One of the rabbits I shot from about 250yds, part of its head was 6 foot above dangling in a tree branch.