wild dog on the weekend

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  • wild dog on the weekend

    I have new Flexgrip rifle racks on the grizzly that I wanted to test over some rough terrain so I took the .416 out as its the gun im least worried about hurting.
    The terrain was up to my expectations and shook the shit out of everything on the quads and im not that impressed with the Flexgrip mounts at all.
    Anyhow, thats another story...
    We had been cruising around for most of the morning and seen a fat lot of nothing but plenty of fresh sign. On the way back to the cars, this mangy sick looking dog streaks in front of my quad and it was locking brakes and grabbing guns time.
    Silly bugger was safe if he kept on moving but as I was tracking him over the sights, he stopped for a gander and presented me with a beautiful side on shot in a clearing.
    400gn woodleigh was overkill i must admit but you work with what you have.
    Click image for larger version

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    looks like he was in very bad shape
    better off dead haha


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      That dog looked to be doing it a bit tough
      One less nether the less
      Good job
      Sent via pony express and mail plane

      You know that moment when the steak is on the grill and your mouth waters in anticipation? Vegans feel the same after mowing the lawn.


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        his bones were hanging out of his rear end and quite a bit of early mange on his front end. In this condition, anything deserves some sleep. I was just happy to blood the ruger and know the lead is going where I want it to.

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      Good work. Another one less.


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        nice job