Good start to the night.

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  • Good start to the night.

    Good sized bloke in the first 20 min ( this bloke and 5 of his other friends ) out harvesting. This bloke was a effort to bring up the hill ( very rough ground and long tall grass ) so dare not drive it.

    Just a pic of how big these western greys get, the pic is on the nicer side. as old mate was missing most of his head. Me I am 6.2 and 115 kg so I am not exactly a small bloke. My best mate was out with me, he wanted a pic ( he never seen one this big ) and I thought bugger it ill get one too.

    Quite a few passed up ( mainly doe's ) as they all got littles in pouches. Or wouldn't meet the min weight. The paddocks with the cut crop ( ready for bailing ) was easy pickings....they were all to busy gorging them selfs of the crop. Weren't too fazed about the shots going off.

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    Nice work skip! It appears that he is hanging by the balls. Good thing he's already dead or that would be mighty painful!


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      A visual term of being strung up by the nuts! He is a good roo, Skip. There is plenty of eastern grey that big on my cousins place.
      Makes it very hard to drive past them,,,,,,,,,,
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        Easiest way to winch them up

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      Buggers get big eh. Old mate that shoots here got an Eastern Grey that dressed at 57kg. Dunno what the dressing % of a 'roo is but steers are around 55%, not so much wastage on a 'roo. I would imagine that a 'roo is around 60-65% . Makes a big animal live weight.