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    i'm planing on setting my gopro up on the windscreen of the ute to hopefully catch some good footage and i want to be able to run it in slow mo too so what settings do you guys use when hunting?

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    I haven't been hunting yet but I could suggest that if you are going for a while throw in a car charging cable and use the skeleton case, set the thing to loop film and then just stop it after some action happens and get it to go again (new file, can't remember how to do that right now) so you don't have hours and hours of nothing footage.

    Maybe also look at a helmet mount or head mount instead?


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      the only problem with that is i'm leaving on saturday for the trip and all the local shops have shit all ass. so i have to make do with what i have for now


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        get the go pro app if you have a smart phone, its realy handy and it lets you adjust the settings realy quickly with out using that shit menu on the go pro its self also the app is free.
        as for the settings id suggest putting it on the highest resolution (its like 4000p i think) if your planing on zooming it later with a video editor but that only records at 32 fps so slow mo will be a bit choppy but at like 1080p i think u can up the fps to about 64 i think