DIY Dressing & Butchering videos.

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  • DIY Dressing & Butchering videos.

    I have seen over the last few weeks a few threads in regards to dressing and or butchering of animals.

    I would like to dedicate this thread to videos you have the rights too. To be pasted here of animals we obtain for consumption.

    Ill start off the thread with some Roo vids ( you all know what must be don't before you go shooting them )

    So if you have a vid you like to share mainly from start to finish. From being shot, to cutting it up for the hot plate.

    This I belive will help most the other members out who are having trouble or don't know how too.

    I will eventually pin up and lock this thread if its popular ( ie: if we get quite a few vids together of different species being done ) I just think this will eliminate many threads or repeat threads on the same subject.

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    Gutless Field Dressing...way I do it...same Havalon knife. It might be an Elk but can be used for all large game.

    Watch Part 2 as well.

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