The boy's weekend adventure!

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  • The boy's weekend adventure!

    So it all starts at 5PM on Friday after knockoff . I race home and start packing the ute, then after a quick dinner with my wife we are off by 7PM.
    After 2 hrs of driving we reach the property turn off after navigating our way through the masses of kangaroos that seemed ready to commit suicide on the bulbar.
    After turning off the roo numbers start to thin so with only 10 mins to shooting grounds I start getting excited until BANG out of nowhere a big wallaroo jumps out of the grass straight onto the road ,so I come to a stop to inspect the damage to find the hilux survived with the only damage is my lightforce spotlights. One smashed to bits and the other facing the sky with a broken reflector but still working. So off we go again getting the guns out and spotlight plugged straight up we see a rabbit so at 40m I take a shot and the rabbit runs off ! dam I missed . 2 shots later the rabbit goes down to a body shot and on inspection I find the first shot went straight through both ears just above the head, no wonder he wouldn't sit still for me! So moving on to camp with nothing else spotted we look to find a nice spot for the tent when we stumble across this guy.
    So the tent goes up and its off too sleep.
    So at the crack of dawn were off to the side of the property where the owner is having wild dog dramas . 2 1/2 hrs later and seeing nothing we are back at camp for breakfast and some swimming and fishing.

    So after lunch we go for a drive to look for some new spots for the afternoon /evening hunt then some more swimming and fishing.So we head back out to where we went that morning and then right on the road in front of us is a feral cat , so hit the breaks and a dust cloud covers us but it is still standing there so out comes the T-Bolt and just as i'm about to shoot old tomcat scampers off into a hollow log, damn. But there is a split in the log and I can see his tail so the .22 gets put down and as Sambar country says " Use a .30 cal and do it with extreme prejudice" so out comes the .308 and I line up the log in front of what tail I can see and BOOM out he comes in a flash and is dead in 5 m.
    Moving on we come up to some cattle and a boar burst away from them , so I take aim and down he goes only to try to get back up so another shot puts him down for keeps. just as we go to get out to inspect the prize another pig takes off so we chase it and put a nice sow on our tally as well.

    So darkness falls and it's rabbit time and in a few hours manage to bag 7.
    with one having a bad need to see the dentist .
    We get 3 more on the way back to camp to finish with 11 Rabbits,2 Pigs and a Cat .
    didn't see any dogs but I guess we will just have to try again!
    We had a great time .
    Cheers Mat

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    Looks like a good trip mate... A mixed bag like that I would call a good weekend...

    So long as the kids enjoyed themselves and didnt reach to much havoc...


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    good times & treasured memories.


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      Thanks for sharing your great weekend, especially good with the photos.


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        Thank you for sharing your great weekend !

        cheers Dayle


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          Thanks for the write up and pics mate. Looks like the kids had a ball. And all two hours from home.



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            Good to see some future hunters enjoying themselves. Well done


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              Very lucky little tackers, having a Dad that takes them to do these wonderful things.

              Their memories of such events will last a lifetime.

              Good onya!

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            Thanks for sharing mate, some top memories created there for the boys! Well done.
            Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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              That's awesome ! What a great way to teach your kids about outdoor life, fishing and hunting. They will remember these trips for a very very long time. And you don't need an i-pod, x-box or any other electronic gadgets to have a great time. What a great dad !


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                Howdy Matt.

                Some folks yarp on 'bout political parties, organizations and the like bein' the savior of this way of life. It ain't. It's weekends like the one you just had with yer boys. That's how it use to be an' how it should be today. Fathers an' sons.

                Dang tootin',



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                  Nice trip, I bet the boys love it!
                  I still remember my early hunting trips with my father & they are priceless memories
                  If only all kids had that opportunity, to be taught the ways of the rural world, how to get your own food then cook it & to have respect for the land

                  Its so much more fun than Playstation 3

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                That's awesome.

                You got it covered there mate, shooting camping fishing swimming. What a great spot to take the kids.
                “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

                ― Albert Einstein


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                  These are the kind of posts that keep me coming back. Love the write up, the pictures and above all the fact that you no doubt took much pride in sharing it all with your two boys.

                  TERRIFIC STUFF MATE!

                  We need more posts like this one.


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                    loved hunting with the old man when I was young