Rabbit hunting tips for Gutting And Skinning Rabbits

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  • Rabbit hunting tips for Gutting And Skinning Rabbits

    I think this may have been posted on the old site. Even if you have skinned hundreds of rabbits you may pick up a hint or two.

    This is one of several ways to quickly skin and gut rabbits. I have tried several methods, I find this to be quickest/easiest way (for me).

    I dont tend to eat them but give them to the dogs. I prefer to skin them for the dogs as you get to have a decent look at the condition of the meat (if in doubt I chuck out) also I dont like old skins hanging around the yard and often see fleas on the skins (obviously try to avoid them jumping on the dogs).

    I find it easiest to use the knife method to gut and start to skin (you can push the back leg through the skin but I find knife cut along back a little easier).

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    Never seen the gut squeezing method before! Looks rather comical, yet effective. Will have to give it a try.
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      Yeah, looks interesting. I will certainly give it a try, but looks like it takes a bit of practise/technique to get it right. I can see sh#t going everywhere!

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    It does take quite a bit of effort squeezing esp on bigger older rabbits. Throw a few hares in the mix then its a real pain. I still prefer to just use a knife (like he does a few mins in).


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      Whoa - the squeeze method is a novel idea. Will have to give it a try next time, though I do foresee it going badly wrong the first few times.

      I was taught the skin first-then-gut technique. Works for me though I can see how you'd want to speed up proceedings if you had a few dozen bunnies to ready for pies.


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        Will have to try some of these different techniques.

        PS-First post since joining from the old forum