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    Just got back from a recent hunt and thought i'd write a little story on a nice billy my best mate and I shot one morning.

    It was dawn on the third day of our trip and after scouting for pigs on the first couple of days with mixed results my mate and I thought we'd shift our attention to goats. We had shot some respectable heads the previous year and the property was known for thumpers.

    After driving around for a couple of hours we had seen a few mobs with nannies and kids and a couple of bachelor billy mobs. By this time a slight breeze had picked up from the SW which worked to our favor since we knew a particular spot on the property had some good billies.

    We drove to a location and began our walk into the wind, our objective was to get on some higher ground and glass around with my new Swarovski EL 10x42 Binos. Once getting to higher ground I begun glassing around with no luck in sight. My mate who was the shooter for the morning slung his Browning A-Bolt .300wm on his shoulder and suggested we walk to a paddock that presented some good feed.
    Great idea so we began our walk of only 800m or so to the paddock in discussion and once in view I glassed again from a tree which I climbed to gain a better view.

    From the Swarovski's I could see a mob of goats at a ranged distance of about 680yds. The goats were down feeding so it was a little hard to see if there were any quality heads amongst the mob. After glassing for 20 minutes or so one of the billies popped his head up and presented, to me he was worth a closer look.

    We checked the direction of the wind and then begun our stalk to the mob. As some of you would know goats are not the smartest animal in the world but if an old billy picks up your scent - they are out of there... We had to walk in a big arch to avoid the wind pushing our scent into the mob and after 20 minutes or so I was in a position to glass and confirm that the billy I had originally picked out was in fact worth taking out. I estimated him to be 35"+ at a distance of 480yds.

    With no cover between us and the mob my mate and I decided to crouch down and stalk to them in a single file to what we believe is a comfortable shooting range of under 300yds.

    With luck on our side we were able to stalk to a set of rabbit burrows that was a ranged 228yds from the mob. The burrows had little mounds on them which gave my mate the little elevation he needed to get a good sight from a prone position using his bipod on the .300wm. My mate went into a shooting a position and chambered one of his 180gr Accubonds with 76gr of RE-19 behind it.

    With me positioned 15 yds behind my mate I glassed the billy and had my mate confirm that he was scoping the right goat. Once confirmed my mate patiently waited for the goat to present broad side and with the rifle zeroed at 200yds we were confident of a well placed shot.

    After a few minutes the billy turned and my mate cracked a shot off which landed right behind the shoulder, the goat reared up and dropped after taking two steps. I slapped my mate on the back and said "good shot". Goat was ranged at 209yds.

    Both excited we walked up to the billy where he lay lifeless, perfect lung shot with the bullet exiting on the opposite hip. After rejoicing the hunt I measured the spread of the billy with my tape measure and he measured 38 and 3/4 inches... Our best goat so far beating out previous record of 35 and 1/2 inches.

    Hope you enjoyed the story...


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    Good read mate and well shot at that... Congrats on the PB as well...


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      Nice work!

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    Nice work. Great set of horns there and a nice shot. he also seems to be quite broad in the body for those outback goats. Which state? Has there been good rain and feed?
    You can see how those stainless steel actions really act like a mirror out in the sun however. As well as the wind you would want to keep the sun behind you.


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      What sort of muzzle brake is that on the rifle?
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        Oooo,.......nice set of handle bars on that one!
        well done.


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          NewStead: North Western NSW, and yes there was good rain in 2011, 2012. The property was a lot dryer this year but still had good feed on it..

          Sambar Country: It is a three port break fitted by Geoff Grenfell from Grenfell Armoring Services in Bendigo. The barrel was shortened to 24.5 inches and then fitted.


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            Good one guys. Well written and a top billy.

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          Nice goat butta - I'm a big billy fan myself! Not a tough animal to hunt but you gotta' do a lot of work to find a big old boy like this one. Good hunting!


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            Nice goat butta - I'm a big billy fan myself! Not a tough animal to hunt but you gotta' do a lot of work to find a big old boy like this one. Good hunting!


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              He's a rippa looking Billy Butta, nice shape to his horns - well done mate and thanks for sharing.
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                Wow, great read and a great result, you have to be happy with that. Just another reason why we enjoy doing what we do. For when all the patience and effort pays off like this.

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              Thanks guys, yeah my mate and I have shot quite a few heads over 30" but the old buggers are hard to find now especially since goat became popular on the menu.

              That was not the biggest head for the trip either... My cousin shot one bigger, just waiting to get some photos and i'll put them on.