Electronic fox callers, any sucess?

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  • Electronic fox callers, any sucess?

    I have a electronic fox callers $130 and to date I have not seen one fox come to it. Your stories?

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    put batteries in it. :lol:
    well,..........someone had to.

    I've never used one but i'm thinking about getting one.
    there are plenty of youtube vids showing these in use.
    seems they're very effective in the right place.
    especially the remotely operated versions. they have the ability to reduce the fox looking in "your" direction.
    think I might look for one on ebay at xmas.


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      Just bought a fox pro going out in a few weeks, will let you know how I go

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    Jas223, have thought about using a Fox call as an MP3, WMA or other file extension.

    Then putting this on your Smart Phone.

    There many available on the Inet.


    Sounds of the Fox (link to more fox calls).


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      i have the alpha dogg - worked great during fox breeding season - had foxes ran at it - even at 1pm day time ...... but has not worked for the last few months - guess there not interested when they have cubs in the den ?

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    Great vid Mav.

    I have been out a couple of times with my Foxpro shockwave, but they still arent responding. Only been a property where they have done quite an extensive baiting program (so prob not many around yet).

    Its a shame they arent coming in yet, such a bad season with little grass/cover would make seeing the buggars a lot easier. Really need rain to get grasses growing for stock, but does make seeing game quite a bit harder.


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      I have a home made caller (using Jaycar parts) that plugs into my Iphone. (basically an old 30W car amp into a 30W horn speaker)The app of choice for me is "ihunt".

      I had it for about a year now, I've done two stands were i have got five in one stand. I regually get 1-2 in a stand.

      "Young Cotton tail" , "Cottontail Dist #3" and "Jackrabbit #4" have been my most successful in that order. I have used "Fox Mating" during mating season to great success, not to call them in but to hold them up long enough to close the distance.

      I do mix up my sounds a little and not let them get used to any one sound. I use a 30W horn speaker suction cupped to my windscreen and get very good directional sound distance, brings them in from a long way.


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        One important addition. With the Horn speaker it is VERY loud. We found that it would freak out the foxes as they got close as it was too 'un-naturally loud' for the distance they were away, and would bug out. Once we worked out that as soon as you see eyes, turn the volume right down to a whisper and they will keep coming in, we got a lot more kills at less than 100m (just unplugging the amp and using the iphone speaker can be enough at that point).

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      Saw this the other day and thought of it as soon as I saw the thread.


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        iv got a fox pro spitfire an iv had a little bit of success with it
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          I use a Foxpro Fury, had great success with it, but not during cubbing.
          I also alternate between the foxpro, button whistle, tenterfield and Scotch callers.