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  • .223 vs Fox

    Just got back from a evenings hunt. I came across a fox at 110yds eating on a lamb leg. I drilled it in the heart dropping it instantly. I wasn't sure what was eating at the time of the shot. It was in a paddock full of sheep.
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    "Love the bush for its own sake and you will never have an unsuccessful hunt".


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      Deleted the duplicat post and all should be here now anyway.
      Carry on -- .
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        still fairly green where you are by the looks of it Jas.


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          well done mate, chalk one for the good guys...that little bugger had what my dear long gone mum would have described as "shifty eyes"

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          Yes had a lot of rain, and grass is green. Pretty dry underfoot so I expect it to dry up and to brown off.

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        Well done, a trusty CF like .223 tend to stop them quickly with heart shots.


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          Here's one the wife shot with the 223 Ruger using 55gn Nosler Shots - she hit in in the chest at a slight angle (just turned to run off when she lit it up) not sure if that's it's heart or what sitting on the side there! certain did a lot of damage at around 50m or so.

          Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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            go Wifey

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          Nicely done!! One less to deal with.


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            Good job all .

            I'm itching to get my first fox with my new .223 . Have to fix that soon as possible !