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  • Minimum acreage in WA

    Hi all just looking to find out the minimum acreage required for a .22hornet , .45/70, .44mag, and a .30-06 in Western Australia we have a property down south with pigs on it but it's only 800 acres is that sufficient for these calibres and if not if we have the permission of the adjoining properties how many more acres will be required and will WAPOL approve an application like that .

    Cheers in advance


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    From memory it was 2000 for 223 and 5000 for 308.

    Just ring firearms wa and ask


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      800 acres should be plenty.
      it would be more important to consider any close be neighbors and direction of shot fired.
      I doubt the neighboring properties would be upset with you removing feral pigs from the area.
      have you contacted them?
      then again, i'n in SA. not familiar with WA stuff.


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        Last time I asked, they told me 1500 for 223, they also said they asses the applications individually though.
        I was told I could have a hornet on my 150 acre permission.
        As said, shoot them an email. WA licensing is the one govt dept i'm really surprised with there help and service


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          Damn, they really don't give you a fair go in WA.
          In Victoria, it's only got to be over 5 acres for any rifle or shotgun...
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            Cheers for the swift replies I'll ring wapol Monday and find out exactly just thought there may be a list layer down somewhere with approximate numbers.


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              I out a list up on the old website, most high powers are 2000 unless you are the owner then its 1000.

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            spoke to wapol less than 6 months ago on the same issue. 223 is 1000, 243 308 and similar is 2000 (halve these if you own the property) and it goes up from there. by law there isnt a set size but they have their own personal rule of thumb that they follow. a simple 22 was not allowed on 5 acres that my fiance owned was told that nothing under 10 would ever get approved even for an air rifle
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              My mate got a .22 air rifle on 5 acres, but he was the owner.

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            Yep it's hard work most of the hunting I do is back in Victoria on my holidays but it's good to be able to hunt here on long weekends ect that's why I went through the whole process of obtaing a licence whilst I'm living here. We were lucky enough to score a property with 4000 acres and another with 800 whilst we were down there so shouldn't have too much trouble applying now. Cheers