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    Hi all, just thought I'd tell you about a course my wife and I attended with out 1 year old GSP's last weekend.

    Held at the NSW gun club in Terry Hills the course was run by Australian Hunting club. I found about it through one of my friends John Hodgson of Sporting Outback Supplies. The presenters included Steve Austin, (a well known trainer of dogs for all purposes including military, rescue, customs and police) John Hodgson (an experienced trainer of spaniels for retrieving, flushing and pointing) and Charles Heydon (an expert in the training of deer indicating and tracking dogs and contributor to guns and game magazine with his "gun dog in the city" series)

    The day started with coffee and a bacon and egg roll put on by the gun club then a session by Charles Heydon on dogs for deer indication, fitting your dog into your lifestyle and some dog psychology.

    The second session was presented by both John Hodson and Steve Austin and covered gun dog breeds, basic training for field shooting of retrievers and training aids (Johns business SOS sells a wide range of dog training gear as well as a range of other hunting and outdoors gear). They then demonstrated a range of basic commands and techniques such as hand signals and whistles. Then Johns ESS Millie demonstrates a series of seen and blind retrieves as well as techniques for dealing with distractions whilst retrieving and drop to flushing and drop to shot skills. Both Johns and Steve's ESS dogs were able to retrieve by name, important in situations where miltiple shooters using multiple dogs are hunting the same field area.

    After a BBQ lunch session two with Charles worked us through some field work like walking at heel and the basice for training a dog to indicate game such as deer, goat and pig. He then showed us some training techniques for training a dog for blood trailing. Here he laid out a trail of sambar deer blood and each dog was given the chance to find and follow the trail. We were impressed with our GSP's ability to follow the trail by nose as fast as we could follow on their first sniff of any real blood trail.He was kind enough to share some blood and skin from a sambar he had shot for the course.

    Steve and John's second session was a more indepth look at dog psycology and training for specific tasks such as training a dog who's not a natural retriever to hold a dummy etc.

    the day was great for us who are new to working with gun dogs and I'd recommend the course to anyone who is looking at training gundogs for field use. I believe they will be running another course next year and it was advertised this year on used guns so I assume it will be again

    I'll post some photos here from the day when I get them but for now here's a pic of our two boys on their 1st birthday this week


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    Great stuff Steve. Steve Austin used to come to our club occassionally (he was a quiet member). He has spent most of his life with dogs and does know his stuff.

    I thought you had a pair of GSD's (German Shepherd) not GSP's I misread one of your previous posts - it had me a bit spooked using a pair of male GSD's as hunting dogs. Once blooded would be pretty hard stopping them going on a rampage! Makes much more sense now


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      A fine looking pair you have there mate.
      He who has never made a mistake has never made anything.

      Many things have been developed by persons who were not smart enough to realize that they were impossible.