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    A hound hunter friend informed me that this was the best place to buy supplies from.

    I purchased the Garmin Astro + 2x DC50 Collars.

    I thought I'd share the link as I search far and wide for better options and kept coming back to this, I hope this helps one of you lot.

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    Good to see you got the "dish lickers" category up and running Boar Man.

    I don't hunt over hounds but it's good stuff and works. Used to be against it but times have changed.
    I'm in love with Jennifer Hawkins and Alessandra Ambrosio


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      what happened Sambar Country? next you will be saying its ok to spotlight deer

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    My working line GSD.

    Did very well in 2008 Australian IPO (Schutzhund) nationals.

    Retired now - still has it in him but enjoys a much quieter life. Never wanted to get him blooded as I previously had a female GSD who was half the dog (in terms of temperament) and she would take down any animal (apart from other dogs) - very difficult to keep her away at times.

    Will soon get a JRT to help sort out smaller vermin.


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      Good link Boarman.

      Leerburg has great dog stuff as well. Good reading for anyone new to dogs. More suited to IPO/working dogs but I believe his general dog philosophy is second to none.