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    Hi all fisho's.
    well i've been out on several dodge tides now, and each time i've caught quite a few KGW.
    yesterday we went out and got close to our limit in just a couple of hours.(again).
    up untill now people have been telling me dont bother fishing on a dodge tide, but i do and still catch plenty.
    anyone else out there that doesn't fish on dodge tides?

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    whats a dodge tide?

    is that a term for slack water - bottom of the tide, top of the tide, run out, run in....?

    every location is different though - if it works then fish it I reckon! eg. spinning for jew in a certain river system I know the jew make their way up river at certain times and then follow the falling tide back out - they will take up station at known points at different parts of the tide to ambush baitfish so I fish for them at different locations at different points of the tide - one of the best spots is 2-3hours after the high, one is right at the bottom of the tide and one at the top - all on the same river and for the same school of fish


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      Originally posted by nuthead" post=4208
      whats a dodge tide?

      when there is hardly any tidal movement forecasted for that day.

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    I'll fish any tide or time provided it is at night, I hate fishing during the day.
    I generally fish any time after dark until dawn, so quite often get different levels of tide, tide changes, percentage of tidal flow, moon phase etc etc.
    I started trying to read heaps more on it, factoring in moon phases, barometric pressure, tides and all that, but ended up giving up on it. Now I just go and fish, don't care what tide or anything.
    Although I am starting to be more inclined not to bother on the full or new moon.
    Not that I catch many fish though lol.