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  • Here's a fin and a half

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    We were out on Glenn Hunter's fishing charter last year.
    A bit past Brown's Mountain (40ks out of Sydney Heads).
    The day was a shocker, Not a hit all day trolling and jigging for kingies. Zip.
    At 3:10 the skipper said "We'll give it 10 then troll back in"
    At 3:21 someone spotted a huge blue fin right under the boat so we pulled in the floater and the he grabbed it.
    This was on 24KG line stand up.
    Man No 1 was nearly spooled twice and his back packed-in after about 1hr and 15 min.
    Russell (Wolfen) took on the fight and did 3hrs and 30 minutes. God knows how many times he had about 20yds of the 700yds line total left. Each time he managed to keep the monster on.
    He wanted to bring it in but he was just too rooted. I had been his off-sider reaching over and getting line back when his arms just could not do it fast enough.
    Time for the wiry farm boy to get on the "winch". Matt's first time out. He could not believe the weight but he hung in there and we got it on board at about 9:30.
    The 2 big gaffs were not big enough (these guys specialise in marlin so it's tag and release) and the guys were not stong enough to lift it, so we put the boat broadside to the swell and washing it in. It was getting pretty ugly out there.

    Glenn's dad, Ross wrote it up at an estimated 103.5KG. We weighed it peice by peice and got 109KG, so we allowed 3KG for blood loss when butchering (It was dead when we got it in) and settled on 112KG. Best guess is it's the biggest yellow fin caught off the east coast in 50 years.

    I got the glory in the local rag and did bugger all! Actually I paid for the charter because a month before I landed a 75KG fin and hogged the whole arvo.
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    well done! thats a big fin - its good to see they arent completely extinct

    heaps of the 30-40kg class of fish have been going nuts off kiama recently - people nailing them on stickbaits poppers - just about anything

    All i need to do is get a 30kg one landbased and I can retire from LBG for good!


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      30 - 40KG is a good size. The monsters are a battle to the death. Epic and great but once is enough.

      My 75KG took nearly 3 hrs to get in stand up on 24KG. I got him close quick enough but we were on a cat and he just kept diving out of reach every circle to get under either hull. The gaff was about 300mm too short for that hull. Every time I just got the double line on the drum he'd pull it off again. He must have done that thirty times.

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      NutHead you wouldn't happen to be nutter by any chance would you?

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      A few fish from over last year

      27kg King from 2005 haven't been able to better this yet!

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    That's an awesome kingie. What did you land him on and how long?

    Specs are needed on the Jewfish too.

    Off tomorrow morning (Sunday) on Billfisher again. Hope to stop off for some kingfish on the way to Browns.

    Weather looks good.


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      The King was on a live slimy on the Downrigger he took about 10mins just something about fighting a fish vertically so hard on the angler! Good luck on Billfisher!

      ps, Are you heading to Matts?

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    Well today went well.

    North of Brown's again and the action was thick and fast with nice size albacore.

    But it was like Pitt Street out there so we only pulled in two at about 14KG. Actually pretty large for Albacore.

    We kept trolling and hooked up a yellow fin. Russell (again) was on to it, but this time with 37KG line. 25 minutes later the decky Emu gaffed the bugger on the fly. It took three of us to get him onboard. 90KGS. Great team work.

    At the moment it's sitting in my wheelbarrow with six bags of ices and a foil blanket. Tomorrow I will fillet it.

    So, with the Hunters that's four charters.
    (1) 75 KG fin
    (2) 112 KG fin
    (3) Heaps of albacore
    (4) 90 KG fin and two nice big albacores.

    3 fins averaging 90KG a piece. That's pretty damn lucky.

    Edit: I had to fillet it in the wheelbarrow. I could not lift it out. It took 3 hours to get it cut into 3-5 KG chunks and vacuum pack.


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      Wow, those fish are HUGE!
      Well done on your catches!!