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    I am interested on your feed back in regards what brands of fishing gear you are loyal too in terms of rods, reels and also things like choices of tackle,lures and plastics.
    Please share what you own and what you think of it in terms of function and value for money and give them a rating out of 10 based on a the quality vs the price.

    Back in the day when I was young and had any spare money I used to be a loyal Diawa (team Diawa) pro series rods and reels owner.
    All I have left in that collection is a Diawa Tierra rod and 2000 reel. The rod's cork grip is now held together with tape and the reels anti reverse bearing is getting rough and needs some love . All in all it has served well and its water proof drag as never failed to be smooth and reliable.

    Diawa Tierra reel: 8/10
    Rod: 8/10

    Since getting back into fishing I have purchased a Shimano baitrunner 8000 on a shimano bluewater 15kg rod.
    I rate this reel as OK at best and for a reel with such a reputation I am yet to see why?
    In saying that it has proved to be pretty tough and has worked ok.
    The bluewater rod..... For cheap oldskool crap it is very nice and delivers tonnes of power and still maintains a soft tip.

    Shimano Baitrunner 8000 : 4/10
    Shimano Bluewater 15kg : 6/10

    I have also purchased a Shimano Mexican fire Raider rod 7-15 pound rod and a diawa Legalis 3000 reel.
    The shimano raider rod was purchased as a snapper rod and is very nice for cheap rod ($100 on special) it is stiff all the way so not great for small species but is a nice strong light rod with heaps of back bone..
    The Diawa Legalis is crap for a reel that is asking $150. The drag is not smooth and it is terrible to cast with. This has been a real turning point for me and my loyalty for Diawa

    Shimano Raider mexican fire : 7/10
    Diawa Legalis 3000 : 2/10

    Now my latest and my favorite rod is the cheapest of my collection.
    I purchased it as a whiting rod and also to have it squid jigged ready for when i am on the boat fishing.
    The rod and reel was purchased as a combo at BCF for $100 ! I put some KATO cheap $20 2kg brain on her and thought this was going to be a real crap package that will only be used when needed as a back up , a rod for mates to use or a rod to chuck a jig on when I see the Squid visit the boat.

    This Rod is a Shimano Catana 2-4kg and fitted with a Shimano Solstace 2500 reel.
    The rod is super light with a nice flexible tip. And it offers better casting than rods I have purchased of 3x the price.
    The reel features lots of plastic bits and I would not trust it with any hard work.
    In saying that it has the nicest smooth drag and is nice and smooth to use, How long it last I am not sure?
    But for a junker valued at $50-$60 you cant complain.

    I would recommended this package to anyone!

    Shimano Catana 2-4kg : 6/10
    Shinano Solstance 2500 : 5/10

    As for tackle I use PowerPro and fireline braid. Black magic flurocarbon leaders, sinkers and swivels of any make and Mustard hooks.

    I am finding my self tempted to purchase a Abu Garcia REVO reel.
    Dose anyone own one of these?
    Are they value for money or just cheap crap?


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    For my light tackle and medium tackle (up to 15kg) spin reels I'm a daiwa fan (they're probably not as durable as the little shimanos but they have heaps more sensitivity which I like for working lures - the rotors are also lighter)

    for heavy tackle spin shimano has the market cornered with the Stella (I use a stella 10000 with 80lb Jerry Brown braid to pop for big kings in shallow water off the stones) - with rods for heavy popping I use specialized Japanese brands (tenryu gt spike and daiwa saltiga bg)

    for my light and heavy (10-24kg) game reels I use avets backed with braid. I only use these because they have huge drag outputs for their size (and I have to hike and at times abseil in with my gear)

    for long distance hss I use a custom built rod using a composite developments blank from nz. But for my light tackle stuff (spinning for jew, bream and whiting etc) rod and reel technology has basically progressed to the point where there's almost no advantage in using a $1000 combo compared to a $200 one - I use daiwa reels and $40- 100 graphite rods (they get the job done)


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      Not much of a brand loyalist, myself; although i must admit i've always liked Daiwa's design lines and their innovative attitude. Personally i own a Certate and a Saltiga Surf. Rod wise i have an awsome Daiwa surf caster and a 10 year old baitcaster as well (pro cast), bosth good rods.

      Years ago i got sick of spending $100-150 every year or two replacing worn out reels so have gone up a step in the number of bearings, quality there of and other features i look for in a reel.

      Also got a bunch of Shimano gear but not the high end stuff, except a t-curve jig stick. Light as, strong as....

      I have also been happy with some Okuma stuff in the past but ended up giving my little okuma trout set up to a make who i decided needed a new trout rig and he went out and bought something cheap and more suited to whiting/flathead! Still, was thinking recently that i would like to have kept the reel, but you know, can't regret being generous. It was one of their V series, from memory. I have more than enough trout/bream style set ups as it is.

      Those Shimano Catana rods are very good for the price! You can pick them up for $50 in the right shops.I have two that i lend to mates when they come fishing with me, so i don't throw a tanty at them if the break it. I also have a Raider and can but some serious hurt on a fish with it.
      I also really liked those Silstar powertip Blue's for salt fishing, but don't know if they still make them. Affordable (cheap) and strong strong strong. Put a lot of hurt on the fish if need be. Lack some finesse but are good for your bottom bouncing average Joe.

      I have an abu left handed 7000 which i got new drag washers fitted to. Much better. Having worked in fishing retail and wholesale (rep for brand i wont say which) i have handled a lot of gear. Don't much like the abu threadlines but am not current with what they produce.

      Features for rods change with target species (tapers/materials etc) but the basics are always the same. Quality reel seat, handle/grip material and guides. You can get a serviceable rod for $50 but a decent one will be more like $150 and up, and up. Expensive rods are nice, but there comes a point where it's just spending money because you can. You can get very good rods for between $150-250 these days and some even less. I've spent $700+ on a rod, but it has a no questions asked life time warrantee so i'll never have to pay to replace it, even if i snap it over my knee in frustration. Give you a lot of confidence to get right in a fight fish out of some pretty scary spots; like using a tree for leverage because you don't have room to move back.

      Reels are where you save your pennies and spend more. With line, real braid is more expensive but will save you time money and tears in the long run, although not the be all end all for all applications.

      Anyway. I could rabbit on for ages, so i'll shut up and give some one else a say.


      List to tick off:
      - TICK!!! NEW SCOPE: Sightron S-tac 2.5-17.5 X 56mm
      - TICK !!Left handed 223rem, Zastava M85
      - wildcat build in progress: 223McShort
      - TICK!!! Rebarrel Howa to 7mm-08
      - TICK!!! case trimmer/turner
      - Comp dies for 7mm-08
      - Case annealer
      - Custom dies for wild cat


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        I got two of the Abu Revo Inshores when they first come out several years ago. Both are on shimano raider rods, one is the original raider, the other one of the new mexican fire ones. These are my main barra fishing rigs and have copped a canning over the last 3-4 years but are both still going strong. Cannot speak for the other reels in the Revo line, but the Inshores have been good and handle the salt well, while some of the models are aimed at the american freshwater market. They still need to be serviced every year with a complete strip and rebuild, but so do all my other reels anyhow. Thinking of getting one of the latest models and retiring one of the older ones to trolling duties only, just because.
        Off shore I have been using a diawa Saltist LD30H, great reel that can really hold its own, very tough and stands up to some big reddies. Can't remember the rod it is hooked up to.

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      I like most brands, it just depends what it is.
      But I do like fins braid and vanish Flurocarbon.