GoPro field test, carp fishing with chest strap.

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  • GoPro field test, carp fishing with chest strap.

    Apologies in advance for the video quality, with out net speed and reliability I had to compress the crap out of the video to upload it, then youtube killed the quality a little more on top of that, came out looking like a 1st person fishing game.

    Just decided to get out and give the GoPro a test run (other then playing silly buggers in the house/yard), local lake is FULL of carp so decided to go clubbing for the afternoon.

    Carp only came in at 6.5lb but was still fun and had a bit of go on 2-4kg rod with light gear.

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    Nice capture! (both of the fish and the vid)


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      nuthead commented
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      hahahaha I actually enjoy carp fishing... i fish for them in a suburban park basically in the middle of sydney (not sure if its illegal or not but theres no signs saying no fishing) - I do release them though because theyre basically landlocked and cant cause any damage

      the 8-10kg ones actually go for screaming runs on 4lb braid and 6lb leader :lol: :lol: they take about 15minutes to land thats with the gear absolutely redlined !

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    Whoa, is that heart beat definitely adds a bit more intensity to it! GoPro Chest mount? that's awesome well done mate!

    I'm a big fan of the GoPro's.




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      aussie_macca commented
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      Nuzo-Yeah mate just a cheap chest mount that came in a big multi-pack from Ebay, has a head strap, tripod adapter, chest strap, monopod/telescoping hand grip pole thingy (yes that the technical term :P ).

      Nuthhead- Yeah I went there specifically for carp, reckon they have a lot more go then the smaller local trout (1-2kg). Would never put them back alive around here though, they are in plague numbers in the bigger lakes & are killing off the trout/redfin populations.

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    Found this info at NSW DPI. Reference to information below.

    NSW Control Plan For The Noxious Fish Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)

    1 .6 Legal Status.

    In NSW carp are listed as a Class 3 Noxious Fish under the Fisheries Management Act 1994.

    This permits their sale and possession. This listing recognises the fact that wild carp are a commercial fisheries species and koi carp are a popular ornamental fish in NSW, but it aims, through education and awareness-raising, to discourage further spread of carp.

    It is not illegal for recreational fishers to immediately return carp to the water where they are captured; however, I&I NSW strongly encourages fishers to retain and utilise them.



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      That looked like a fun arvo. I've been borrowing a mates fishing kayak, spun out a bit when I saw a guy in another yak letting a carp go. He explained the law to me, and also that he was a catch an release fisherman only, never kept/killed anything, not that you would eat from this particular waterway. I was poking around looking for bass, used to catch them there 20 years ago as a kid, nothing, none.


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        aussie_macca commented
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        Yeah I've always been told it's illegal to release carp, but that's only in Vic, to be honest I have no idea on other states.