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  • Guinness Casserole

    This one is great.

    Take about 1.5kg of beef or Venison chop it all up into 2cmx2cm blocks or whatever you like
    3 or so large onions chopped up fine or lumpy (doesn't really matter as onion sorta dissolves anyway)
    couple clove garlic, i like the pre chopped jar stuff.
    throw all that into a frying pan to brown the meat and soften up onions.

    while thats under way
    chop a few mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes ( i'm not putting exact numbers in because i dont, i want to see bout half meat half veggies but its up to you. its the guinness that makes it)
    righto take the meat and onions off the pan throw it into your camp oven with the mushrooms carrots and tomatoes, put in a bit of salt and pepper.
    Important bit!!
    fill the camp oven containing the ingredients half way with guinness draft this should be about 1.5 440ml cans so you should get 2.5 cans to enjoy
    but dont go over board on the drinks it will dull the effect of the guinness in the cass
    now there should be about half or just under half not filled, dissolve 3 beef stock cubes in a cup of water and chuck it in.
    top up with guinness if need be.
    place 2 bay leaves in shut the lid

    i usually let it go for 2 or so hours like a slow cooker.

    once you think its about done
    thicken it up with a bit of corn flour dissolved in the juice

    serve with mashed taties and it'll be one of the best meals ever

    i dont know why but the guinness does something to the meat thats just great, it dosen't taste like guinness anymore but sooooo good

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    Sounds great. I believe a similar recipe goes well in a pie with hare.
    "Love the bush for its own sake and you will never have an unsuccessful hunt".


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      Hilux12 commented
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      now your talking mate!!!! sounds good

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    I'm just thinking, put the mashed taties on top of the filled pie and bake ...
    "Love the bush for its own sake and you will never have an unsuccessful hunt".


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      I remember having a Guiness Pie years ago at a restaurant in Qld - bloody beautiful, its definitely on my to do list when it comes to recipes!
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        Sounds like a Test run?? go for it mate you wont regret it.
        i usually do this camping so i serve it in a bowl with the mashed spuds like an Iceberg in the middle.
        bit of mucking around for camping but all you need to eat it is a bowl and a fork....... and stubbie and holder.

        forgot to add, i got the idea from looking at making a guinness pie cause i had it while working up north WA.
        but there was no pastry in the pantry (typical 23 YO with mates house) so bugger it, a pie without pastry is a Casserole