[Recipe] Sweet-hot pepper sauce

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  • [Recipe] Sweet-hot pepper sauce

    Habanero Poblano

    • one poblano pepper
    • 3 to 5 habanero peppers (suit yourself)
    • apple cider vinegar
    • one quart size widemouth canning jar, with cap and lid

    Take the poblano and cut out the stem, and most of the core. With your knife, poke holes in the poblano so the vinegar can get into it more easily.

    Put on gloves and cut the stems out of the habaneros. Slice them down the sides, but not all the way (you want them all in one piece). Don't worry about the seeds (if you're worried about heat, use less habaneros).

    Stuff one or two habaneros into the poblano (where the stem core used to be) and throw any remaining habaneros into the canning jar.

    Place stuffed poblano into the canning jar with the stem end up.

    Fill to the lower rim with apple cider vinegar. Go back after a few minutes and top it up, if necessary.

    Cover with plastic wrap and then put a lid and cap ring on it. Why use plastic wrap? Apple cider vinegar will eat through a tin canning lid within months.

    Set the whole shebang in a darkened pantry corner for at least a month, and you'll have a sweet & hot pepper sauce.

    As you use it, you can add fresh apple cider vinegar and have hot vinegar for a long time.

    You can pour off a few ounces into an empty vinegar bottle or other glass bottle with capped shaker top and keep it on the table next to the salt and pepper. It'll add a zing to most anything