Any recipes for Goose?

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  • Any recipes for Goose?

    There's a fair few feral geese living on a dam on a property that I shoot on and i'm allowed to take a fair few of them if I want. Any one got any good recipes and/or tips on filleting the breast meat off? Not that keen on roasting a whole bird just for myself but having the breast and drumsticks in the freezer for smaller meals is the idea I have in mind!

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    Possibly catch them first and feed them nice stuff for a while, with worming stuff in, IMO.



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      Hang them for as long as you possibly can , like 6 days in a fridge as they are bloody awefull fresh as we were made to find out with a fresh cooked goose as kids.

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    Hahaha alright so I might just try and get a real young one and see what it's like going by all your comments! I remember eating a few home grown chooks as a kid and they were as tough as old boot leather so I might see how I go with the breast meat in a curry or something as cooking it slowly might remove the toughness or the dog will have some new meat to try out :lol:


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      I don't know how to cook goose, but I've eaten it before and it was awesome.

      That was a farmed goose though, wild ones might be different.


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        We eat a lot of Magpie Geese up here. Dunno how different they are to southern geese.

        Many gunners will simply breast them and throw the carcass away, and being a fat bastard I find that offensive. The legs are fantastic if marinated and bbq'd.
        Using the breast meat in place of your favourite Green Chicken Curry (or any coconut milk based curry) makes it as rich as the meat in a Red Duck curry.

        The whole geese that end up at my place have been feeding on mangoes for weeks, and this does give them a good flavour! Ill get a huge pot of water on the boil, like commercial Asian kitchen size, and dunk the geese in the boiling water for a minute or two to loosen up the skin and allow the feathers to be plucked out very easily.

        I have a cryovac as I have a commercial use for it, so if Ive got more than I can use, than I will simply breast the geese and give the carcasses to the pets.

        I will put four breasts (unaged) in a bag with two bay leaves, a teaspoon of peppercorns, teaspoon of wattleseed, splash of portugese olive oil, a chilli, 1/3 up red wine, squirt of honey, teaspoon of jam, rosemary sprig and sage sprig, then gas it and seal it up and chill for two days, and then freeze for use later. They are tender as when sealed in a pan before transferring to an oven for finishing, or you can dice them for the ultimate bbq skewers. Rich as all hell, they need a big big beer that's heavy on hops.

        Some amateur footage of breasting:
        Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.


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          Awesome vid that doesn't look to hard to get into them. I should be out there next weekend I'll see if I can snag one or two with the .22 while i'm out looking for skippies and report back.

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          Its rude to see how much people throw away when cleaning fish or fowl, or goose for that matter.

          When I used to holiday at Crescent Head I gave some thought to rifling through the garbage tins at the boat ramp, my god they threw some meat away.

          Its best to clean and gut it, cook the whole lot, once cooked its easy to suck meat off the bone, so to speak.

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        Sounds good mate!


        Just in case, make sure you're not in breach of state hunting regs. We have MILLIONS of geese up here in NT, just about everywhere you look, on the street, in my yard, on the footy fields, literally everywhere theres an open space.
        Only allowed to take them with Shotguns with Steel Shot or Vertical Bow. Even though I could humanely bag 10 geese in 5 minutes with an Air Rifle, by law I have to take them in the air with a scattergun, which is never 100% clean and painless, I mean its close, but no where near as clean and certain as a neck or brain shot.

        Hate to see a fellow get in the bad books for doing the right thing :
        Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.