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  • Camp Oven Cook Book

    Following on from Cptn Dazza's damper Thread I thought I would post up a hand made Camp cook Book I have put together over a number of yrs while I was pretty full on into Camp Oven Cooking (hence the User Name)
    This contains Most of my favourite recipes. Some stolen from various places & some I have adapted to suite my own tastes.

    I thought the Bread recipe might be of particular interest to some & the Self Saucing, Chocolate Kaluah Pudding is a real favourite (even coming from a non desert eater)

    Cheers, Mick.

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    any chance of buying a hard copy of this book?


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      2 goes, 2 failures at attaching both a pdf & a Word Doc file.

      How can I attach a 3 - 4 mb file?

      In the mean time.
      Anyone that wants a copy, PM me with your Email addy.

      No charge for copies.
      Just happy to share.


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    I think I grabbed a copy of this book from you off the old site.

    If it is the same one its VERY good and well worth having.

    Perhaps setting it up as a torrent would help to share it and make you famous Mininova is a good public torrent sharing site.
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      pm sent

      cheers mick