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    Hi all we just got a new hawke eye flexi bore scope we have it to look inside wall cavity's and to check under the hood on the cars when we work on them.But the other very important use is to have a look inside the chambers of my riffles as its always a mystery as to whats going on in there. The diam is 7.7 m so it wont go into most cal's (cant have everything) But just being able to look inside the chambers important section is great. Fully charged the supernova light will go for an hour on high The picture is very clear as it has 18,000 optic fibre's so I still get to see a good way up the barrel.

    It has already saved some time today we put a new motor in the work ute and I found a slow oil leak that was giving me the . So after a degrease to see whats going on I poked the bore scope in for a while and found the two top bolts had worked themselves out of the front timing case. So it has earned its keep for today anyway if the front case had to come off I think the head had to go with it and you know what that means 3 cartons and a week in the shed while the head gets shaved.
    I think a few of the guys from the range will no doubt want a peak at their gear .
    Click image for larger version

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    G'Day Jethro,

    Thank you for the post!
    I need to get one of these myself but maybe with the small Dia straight tube lens.

    Can I be so bold as to ask where you purchased it (Local or OS) and from who?

    Merry Christmas


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      Hey homer
      yeah from Gradients lenses In Newyork I have looked at others but you get what you pay for Its also got a 90 degree mirror that screws on it .They have a few different models to choose from is it for work or for firearms

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    A mate of mine sells medical equipment, particularly big name European surgical gear.

    He gave me a ex-demo ophthalmoscope popular with gynaecologists. So now I have a pussy scope (only looked at under 100 pussies) for looking down barrels.

    I was warned not to drop it as the fibre optic will shatter - and at $4k to replace I'm taking extra special care of it. The high price is because of the better quality optics and the fact they are built to be autoclaved for sterilisation.

    Bloody thing is awesome and helps with working out problems with rifles, in the barrel and the action. A bloke came to me a couple of weeks back with the new, secondhand T3 stainless 260 he had just bought form a retiree in the NT. Accuracy was ho-hum and nothing he had tried would make it work. One quick look down the barrel identified the rust pitting in the crown. Seems the previous owner had neglected to clean the dust out and it had held the moisture, causing rust. It needs half an inch docked off the barrel.

    Wouldn't have spotted it with the naked eye.


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      Hi adamjp well thats recycling and when its free thats even better .