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  • Reproduction Stocks (Warning: Pic Heavy)

    Unashamedly cut and pasted from the other forum.
    So, about eight months ago the family doctor tells me that I have to give up working at the jobs that I am doing/trained or skilled to do. So I decided to turn an interest of tinkering with stocks into a little pocket money maker. Spent a couple of months researching pentagraph routers, and like all things in life I realised that even with pentagraph routers you only get what you pay for, so if you want quality at a cheap price then you'll just have build it yourself. With that philosophy in mind I looked for what I considered to be the best parts, for my purposes, of the designs out there, threw in a few modifications of my own, and whalla, I had a set of plans (albeit in my head) for my own router.
    Basic design considerations had to include;
    1. Be able to produce two duplicates at a time,
    2. Have five axis of movement,
    3. Spindle carriage must track within 2mm,
    4. Spindle carriage must be heavy enough to absorb vibrations and chatter when cutting,
    5. All pivot points and areas of motion must be strong enough to allow point 3 and 4 to happen,
    6. All pivot points are to have thrust or load bearings,
    7. Design had to be flexible enough to allow changes/modifications without requiring a complete strip down and rebuild, and,
    8. CHEAP.
    Long story short, and considering I'm neither a mechanical engineer, draughtsman, trade boilermaker, or welder, I was able to build a machine that, although as ugly as sin, meets the design consideration I set out above. Particularly point 8, all steel for frame and carriage came in under $50, sourced of local scrape yards, and bin diving the scrap bin at the workshop I was working at. All bearings and shafts were sourced from old electric motors (free if I stripped motors down for the scrap yard) again saving even more money. In fact saved enough on these to go over specification on linear bearings and tracks, and spindle motor.

    25mm open linear bearings and fully supported rails alleviate tracking problems.

    Old electric motor bearing and shaft, bearing are inside pipe.
    Rifle stock and pistol grip reproduction.

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    Indexing mechanism for rotating original and copies as they are cut. Again bearing and shafts from old motors, chain from motorcycle wreckers, cogs I had laying around.

    All together and working, spindle motor is 3 phase, 2.2 KW, four bearing, water cooled CNC spindle, run out .0005mm. Power supplied by converter that converts single phase to 3 phase (or visa verser), variable speed 0 - 24000 RPM, variable frequency so can be run with a generator. Cooling is handled by a Thermaltake liquid cooling system for computers. Second spindle motor not yet fitted.
    Rifle stock and pistol grip reproduction.


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      Some stocks I've copied. This is the first, Model 1892 Winchester. Indian Rosewood from recyclers.

      Browning Trombone in laminated bamboo.

      Rifle stock and pistol grip reproduction.


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        Same as above, but stained.

        Winchester Model 670 in laminated bamboo.

        On the go at the moment, Howa 1500 short action.

        Yes, I can do copies of your stock, no I don't do custom work. And unless you provide your own blank, then copies are done in laminated bamboo. This product is way better in strength, durability and stability than wood or laminated wood, I reckon anyway.
        Anyway, hope you enjoyed a glimpses at what I've been up to lately.
        Rifle stock and pistol grip reproduction.


        • S12A
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          this is awesome , well done

          to clarify about custom work, can you do things like copy a stock but change the forend width or is it only direct copies?



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        Update: Just to let members here know that I will not be able to take on any new jobs for a couple of weeks as I am having a minor back operation early next week (only found out that they had scheduled it late yesterday, and now I have to get some scans/x-rays and some other test done, and get myself to Brisbane before next Tuesday)
        Rifle stock and pistol grip reproduction.


        • roger68
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          Hi mate how do you go about getting the laminated bamboo. I have only see it as flooring down this end of the world, SW Vic cheers

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        that's quite ingenious good luck with your efforts


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          Well, Trekin, I have to take my hat off to you. What a fantastic little rig that is.

          How much work is there to fit the new stock once it's sent to the owner? Not including bedding the action, thinking more like recoil pad and swivels, without cannibalising the existing stock for parts.


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            Good to see you over here as well. I'm still trying to get a hold of an SVD stock to modify for the AIA so you can copy it. I've got one coming from russia at the moment so hopefully it makes it here. Best of luck with the surgery.
            WTB: 38/40 barrel or donor rifle, snider/p53 lock and breech parts, 10-15 round blued 38 super 1911 mag, AIA/skk mag with star on the side. Pm me on forum.


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              I'll be up for one of Kap's "Frankenstocks" too when it's sorted :P

              I'm also working on a couple of designs I'd like your future help on Trekin.


              • moofy07
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                Hi Trekin,
                Good to see you over here, Hope you get that back fixed up ok.

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              Looking great!
              I would be very interested in a couple of replacement stocks for several of my old rifles (Winchester"92 and Model 04) in a couple of months.
              Could you please give me an idea of cost, turn-around time etc.


              • sn@abrc
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                I might be looking for a mosin nagant M44 stock soon- mine has developed a crack,

                P.M. on the way.

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              Hope you're op went well, PM sent



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                Me too.

                Hope he's still with us.
                Failure is not falling down, failure is not being pushed down, failure is choosing to stay down.


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                  PM inbound...

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                Hey trekin hope all is well. My SVD stock finally rocked up in the mail yesterday out of the blue after ordering it some time in August. The first one I bought got returned to the sender in Ukraine for some reason and I had just about givin up hope on this one coming from Russia but It finally made it.

                I'm going to start splicing the AIA butt stock socket end onto the SVD stock in the next couple of days and add the last inch of the butt plate end of the AIA stock onto the end of the SVD one to increase the LOP as well. Bit of a shame butchering these 2 stocks but it will be worth it in the end. Are you still up for making a copy of the frankenstock when I'm finished it?
                WTB: 38/40 barrel or donor rifle, snider/p53 lock and breech parts, 10-15 round blued 38 super 1911 mag, AIA/skk mag with star on the side. Pm me on forum.


                • BrianLara400*
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                  Looks like you've got some fun & games in your future to get the enfield trigger to where it needs to be in relation to the pistol grip and a satisfactory tennon for the socket etc. All the best with it mate Will watch with interest.

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                Has anyone been in touch with Trekin recently? If so, could you get him to contact me?

                Guns don't kill people, Chuck Norris does.


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                  Has anyone at been in contact with trekin yet? Does anyone have his phone number or email address that I could contact him with?
                  WTB: 38/40 barrel or donor rifle, snider/p53 lock and breech parts, 10-15 round blued 38 super 1911 mag, AIA/skk mag with star on the side. Pm me on forum.


                  • Gregt
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                    Originally posted by alkapitano" post=53375
                    Has anyone at been in contact with trekin yet? Does anyone have his phone number or email address that I could contact him with?
                    Ditto, I really need to get hold of him asap.