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  • Need Help with B&C Please!

    Okay everybody, so I went and did what everyone is doing and bought a howa barrelled action with the intentions on fitting a B&C A2 stock to it to get a beginner set-up LR rifle going. The stock was purchased from America and just arrived today, only problem being when I fit the action in the stock the bolt goes tight for about the last inch of travel before closing. What I'm thinking is the stock is machined wrong and putting a twist in the action making it stiff? But this is just a guess? Any other suggestions would be great as I'm not sure if I should send it back or try fix myself.

    Also when installed the bolt release button won't travel far enough to allow bolt to be removed, but that's an easy fix unlike the other!

    Any help is much appreciated,

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    Just to state the obvious, did you apply the correct torque to the action screws?
    Sometimes over tightening can slightly flex the receiver and cause the bolt to bind.



    • Nicko432
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      The action goes tight before the screws are tightened properly. Barely nipped up and it's tight already.

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    Check and see if the rear action screw is coming through too far when you tighten it up, it'll hit against the bottom of the bolt. It shouldn't poke out of the bottom of the channel at all. You might find that's what's stopping the bolt coming out as well. The front screw screws in level with the barrel threads, make sure it's not too long either or it'll chew up the barrel threads and won't clamp the action into the stock properly.

    The bedding block in the stock is machined and they're pretty close, it's fairly unlikely it's so far out it's bending the action.
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    • adamjp
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      Greg is probably right - check the rear action screw.

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    got one on my howa.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nicko, is this a brand new stock/has it been bedded?
    does the action fit nicely without the bolts, both the action and the bottom metal inside the stock?
    if it does, it sounds like the distance between the action screws might be slightly out of spec.
    check the stock has either 7 1/4 inch between the screws/pillars, for a short action, or 7 3/4 inch for a long action.
    also, check that the magazine well is the right way up.
    it easily pops out upon dismantling the action from the stock.

    silly question but,.......have you got the correct bolts back in their right spot? (front to back bolts)?
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      Hey guys, been through and checked all suggestions. It's 2 screws in the action. Narrowed down the list of causes but it hasn't left me with any ideas other than an incorrect bedding job. Tried without mag well fitted, tried with no bolts in the action just clamping the action in the stock with hand pressure and it still binds up. Not sure what else to check now so any other suggestions would be great? Does anyone know the correct measurements for the bedding ?

      What is a rough price on getting it properly bedded with a gun smith should I chose to go that route? Or am I best to give it a go myself? I'm an agricultural mechanic by trade so probably capable of doing it with a guide to follow?


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        I now bed my own stuff.
        its not that hard. just don't try to take any short cuts with the primary processes.
        there's some good 'how to bed action' links on YouTube.
        before you do this though, I recommend taking it to a gun shop or gunsmith to confirm that it is actually for a howa.


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          Some ideas:
          -Snap a few photos of it.
          -Check that the bolt and bolt release functions properly without the stock fitted.
          -Sit the barreled action in without the bolt fitted and see if it rocks around or sits down onto the bedding block. Then put the action screws in finger tight and snap a photo.
          - If the bolt release won't travel down far enough it must be hitting something, it's only one screw to remove it, take it off and see if it sits in properly then. If it does, fix whatever it's hitting on.
          -The bottom of the action is flat, put a straight edge on the bedding block and check that it's flat. The recoil lug is 9mm deep from memory, check and see if the recess is that deep.
          -Make sure the bolt isn't hitting the cutout on the stock.
          -check that the barrel has clearance in the barrel channel and the front of the action isn't being held up by that (heavy barrel action/light barrel stock?).
          -a thin smear of plastacine/modelling clay on the bottom of the action, tighten it up in the stock then take it out and have a look. it'll squeeze out where there's no gap and stay where there is one.
          -check that the scope mount screws aren't too long if they're fitted, if they're the problem it'll be the same in or out of the stock.
          -nip the bolts up tight then pull it apart and see if there's shiny marks anywhere, the bedding block is sandblasted so high or tight spots will show up.
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            When I did mine, I had to remove out a small amount of material just behind the very back of the inlet as the back of the firing pin assembly would catch on the way through when you were closing the bolt. Have a look at the stock just behind the very back of the action. If it is all scratched this may be your problem.


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              Thanks all for the help,
              Turned out to have a slight bit needing removing near the trigger assembly as well as near the back left side of the bolt.
              Oh and a bit under the bolt release, but after doing that all with a file it fits perfect and is a very comfortable rifle to hold.
              Now just need to decide on a scope to get it all up and running.