Boyds stock for my Savage axis 30.06 any opinions on these stocks

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  • Boyds stock for my Savage axis 30.06 any opinions on these stocks

    Im looking at getting a Boyds laminated stock for my savage axis and im wondering if these stocks are any good ?

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    I purchased a Boyd's stock for my Howa and the quality is surprisingly good for the price.

    The only fault I could find was that the barrel didn't fit quite in the centre of the barrel channel, but this was fixed by glass bedding the action.

    If you buy a Boyd's stock I doubt you'll be disappointed.


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      Ok thanks so did you bed rifle yourself or did you get it done if so whats the cost involved in doing that.

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    I also got a thumbhole Boyd's for my Weatherby and it fitted like a glove. The only thing was it did not have any aluminium pillar posts and the for end was a little slippery, ie no cross hatch engraving for some grip. Overall a very good stock for the money and delivered to me from the US in 10 days and I don't think you will be disappointed.


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      I own 6 Boyds Stocks now - love em and there will be more, rest assured of that. I generally open up the barrel channel more than what comes standard ( I like plenty of room around the barrel) I just use a piece of dowel or a socket wrapped in sandpaper and away I go,

      So far all have been perfect fits with no adjustments needed.
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