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  • AICS barrel swivel bipod

    I've been playing with this idea for ages, finally got a chance to make some bits over the past week. The bipod clips into the accessory spigot and the part with the legs swivels around the barrel centreline, keeping the centre of gravity nice and low.

    Here's a few photos, keep in mind that this is straight off the machine and could do with a little finishing off.

    The inside is 33mm ID so should allow pretty much any barrel that would be on this type of rifle to fit through without touching anything.

    The knob you see is the front of the tube that the bipod swivels on, it is threaded into the rear block with a M39 x 1.25 thread (funny size I know but it suited). You tighten the knob to lock the bipod. I'm actually thinking of replacing the lumpy bit with a short throw lever that hangs out the bottom to tighten it.

    This is the mounting setup, same as any other AI accessory, an 11mm stud that clips into the front of the stock. There's a little knob on the front on a M6 x 1 thread that snugs it up.

    Removed fron the stock you can see the spigot, it's 4340 chrome moly and is retained by the little M5 countersunk screw in the bottom that fits into a slot in the spigot so it can't fall out or turn but can slide back and forward a little to tighten everything up.

    With the legs folded to the rear, I messed up and made the front knob a bit big in diameter so they currently hit it folding to the front. I'll fix that on version 1.1

    From the bottom:

    Pulled into it's main components, there's also a couple of really thin o-rings that go at each end to seal it up and make it lock and unlock easier:

    The locking setup, it adjusts to 5 positions. I'm using some legs from a chinese Atlas copy at the moment, I'm making my own legs shortly which will have notched as well as threaded fine adjustment on the bottom.
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    That's a really cool idea Gregt, nice work mate. Would low optics be a problem if that sticks up into the field of view do you think? It reminds me a little of the Sako style bipod, and I like.


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      Cool idea, be interesting to see how it performs accuracy wise, generally you want to keep things away from your barrel i.e. floating it from stock etc.

      Nice work

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    I don't think it touches the barrel. IT fits into the stock.


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      Thanks fellas, it will be interesting to see how it goes. I don't forsee to many problems but you never know.

      John, I'll throw a scope on and see. I made it as small diameter as I thought would be durable, the first one was 50mm OD, this one is 45 with 3mm walls on the parts. It's lower than the night vision mounts for the AI's so it shouldn't be an issue.
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        Hi Gregt, looks like it will do all you invision.
        Be real interested in what it would cost (I know developing something like this is lots of man hours).
        I would like to try one for my ACIS stock if you ever get time to make a few etc.
        I like the locking function and multiple positions and as you said low center of gravity.
        I have a 7mm/300 mag in my stock at the moment.
        Congrats on a very good idea.


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          Greg .... Mate you never cease to amaze me.

          Love the machine porn


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            Interesting concept . I understand the advantage of lower profile with regard to keeping recoil forces more inline and steadier position with centre line but the disadvantage is , if for hunting you tend to get lost in the grass so to speak . On a range not an issue . I considered the spigot type adaption for my rail but I don't like the loose swivel about setup. I prefer the lock up type swivel mount . I can see the amount of work you have put in and it's turned out well .
            Congrats nice work mate.


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              Great work as always Gregt