my first go at painting a stock.

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  • my first go at painting a stock.

    hey all .
    heres is my first effort at painting a stock, its all done with PPG deltron automotive paints, with hand drawn zombie rabbit and lettering.

    has anyone has problems using automotive paints on their stock? any reactions from rifle cleaners etc? anything i should look out for?


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    That is really cool and you certainly have quite a lot of talent there!!!


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      :lol: :lol: :lol: i Like it :lol: +1


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        good job.
        once its cured I wouldn't think you'd have any probs.
        how 'bout a zombie fox on the next one?


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          Looks great mate, i like it. I've done a few in Automotive paint and never had a problem.


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            Fantastic outcome with your paint job, what calibre is the rifle ?


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              G'Day Fella's,

              MMM, most impressive, well done!
              The only problem I have experienced with Automotive paint, is chipping!
              Not sure about chemical reaction with solvents etc but time will tell!!!


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            Nice job mate. Is it timber or synthetic?


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              It should have said "wabbit slayer" lol... Great effort there!!

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            Nice work
            “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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              Nice one


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                thanks guys,
                i dont what rifle it came from it was a wooden stock i bought out of a spares bin at a gun show.


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                  very cool,like you work

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                great job mate, any chance you'd be painting stocks for anyone else in the future?

                PM sent



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                  Top job Mark - well done. I reckon you could make a nice little side business out of doing something like that, plenty of people like to customise their rifles and I'm sure they would love a stock painted like that.

                  Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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                    Excellent job,

                    ....... now to do your others!


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                      Looks good Mate. The only thing you would need to watch out for when painting anything with automotive paints is the presence of silicone based lubricants. They are a painters worst enemy. Even if the stock is new, make sure you properly degrease with a good quality wax and grease remover. A few coats of clear coat over your masterpiece either in gloss or matt will help preserve your paint job. A very light sand between clear coats will also help with adhesion.

                      Cant wait to see the next one!


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                        You've got draftsman's skills for sure, MMM!

                        I have to sweat blood to draw, it doesn't come naturally (dammit lol)

                        Really like the flecked-stock background, how did you achieve it?