Removing devcon/weights from stock forend

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  • Removing devcon/weights from stock forend

    Hey guys
    I have a HS precision stock for a Rem700 and it weighs a lot more than it should.
    I noticed that the forend has devcon or similar product in it. Given that F class guys put weights in stocks I believe this may be the case. How much does devcon weigh for volume? Would it just be devcon or possibly have lead or something in it aswell?
    Main question is whats the best way to remove the devcon and replace with lighter filling without ruining the stock finish? I am happy for the barrel channel to be odd coloured but dont want to make a huge mess.

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    The only way to know Is to start digging. Ideally you'd set it up in the mill or router and clean out the channel then see what's in there. Could be lead shot, sinkers covered in epoxy or even a cast ingot. Could also be a stainless block.

    It could also be nothing. These stocks can be heavy, one savage with the HS stock I handled was way heavy, much heavier than my tikka varmint.

    You can fill it with resin or if you want it lighter add balloons to the resin to make a light filler.

    Be award that changing it will affect the way it shoots. Maybe drill some small holes first and see what comes out.



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      Thanks Steve
      It is heavier than another one I handled that is the same model. I would put it between 500g and 1kg.
      I bought it originally to be a carry gun, but its at 5.5kg empty so need to shave some weight.
      Its definately had something done to the forend, as you can see the devcon they have covered it with. Pretty much deepend the barrel channel and filled it back up is what it looks like

      Will keep investigating, might have to get the dremel out


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        Just go through the domestic terminal at your nearest airport and stand behind the guy on the x-ray machine computer to see what's in it?

        Kidding, just be careful with the dremel - carbide bit and glasses.

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      So I finally got around to having a crack at it.
      After making some small inspection holes I found a very thin layer of devcon hiding lead weighting. So after pulling almost 750g of lead out I could see the nicely cut recess that he had filled.
      Now just gotta get some more time to fill it back in.