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  • Howa Pillar bedding

    Hey guys just after some general info from anyone that may have bed a howa action to a boyds stock.

    I decided I might Pillar bed with the score High pillar bed system and then glass bed with Devcon.

    I have looked around on the net and I can only find the score high pillars on one aussie website (I will not name) and I was discouraged when I found the price ($75 + shipping) to me it seems like a rip off.

    My question to you guys is have you used the pillars, are they any good, are they worth the $75 or have you substituted with something as good or better.

    I would be interested to know if you guys even think that pillar bedding is worth doing instead of just glass bedding.



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    Most pillars available from the USA are seriously over-engineered.

    The same effect can be achieved with a carefully cut and faced piece of 12mm OD aluminium tube.

    Enlarge the factory stock hole with a 1/2in drill bit bored in from either side so it meets in the middle (less chipping mess).
    Put the action in, bottom metal out, using a vernier measure the depth from the stock surface where the trigger guard normally sits to the bottom of the action. This is your intended length. Cut with a hacksaw just a mm or two oversize.
    Using a lathe, or if you don't have one of them a drill in a vise, trim the tube to the correct length ensuring it is square. Measure frequently, cut occasionally.

    Glue the pillars in with the same agent you use to do the bedding. Don't forget to put anti-seize on the screws, action, trigger (better still remove it) and the bottom metal.


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      Nathan.S commented
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      "The same effect can be achieved with a carefully cut and faced piece of 12mm OD aluminium tube."

      This is the idea that I had at first but I read somewhere that the Pillars are cut at a certain angle so they contact the action perfectly, I could be wrong but I am sure I read that somewhere.



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    I have bedded a few howa rifles in boyd stocks and never had a complaints I have never pillar bedded any though if you have access to a lathe you can make your own pillars


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      No one from the USA will ship the hi score kits anyway as its a dangerous item as far as shipping is concerned!
      You can order the pillars but not the devcon that comes with hi score kit!
      I made mine as adamjp described.
      I read a lot of articles before doing the job a most commented on the best pillars being flat on the action & not curved unless they are custom fitted to the action & exactly the same contour!


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        BillyBushCook commented
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        Ivé bedded two Howa's now & turned up my own pillars in my Lathe.
        Put some grooves in the outside to help the bedding bite them.
        Fit them up like in this pic & then smother it all with Epoxy so they set in position at the same time as the rest of the bedding material.

        Mask everything up & plug the gaps with Plastercene.

        Here you can see the tops of the pillars.
        As someone else has said, Howa actions are flat base so it is best to have the pillars square on the ends & bolt up as a metal to metal joint. Feels rock solid like that.

        You can also see in that pic that I got a few air bubbles on the square edge of the recoil lug.
        To avoid this, spread some of the bedding compound onto the recoil lug & action as well as in the stock.

        Put some electrical tape on the front side of the recoil lug (muzzle side) & at the rear of the tang.
        The reason being is that once all cured & the tape removed it will give you clearance between the action & bedding in these two areas.

        Cheers, Mick.