.22LR CZ 452 Varmint Project

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  • .22LR CZ 452 Varmint Project


    i decided i wanted a target/ tactical style stock for my 452 Varmint which i use for targets and practice.
    i found an old wood stock that was inletted for a single shot rifle similar in screw spacing to the omark

    the first thing i did was plan and draw the shape i wanted the stock onto it with permanent marker.
    i then took the bulk material off with a saw , dremel and chisels. after the rough shape was acheived i opened up the trigger area and inletted by hand a cutout for the magazine and barrel lug. i then used body filler to fic any shape issues and fill and gaps such as the old bolt handle cutout.

    i then coated my barrelled action in Dulux metalsheild harvest , which has a sand like colour to it.

    i then base coated the stock in the same colour. after that dried i layed scrim netting accoss and made a pattern using bushland colour dulux paint , and added in bits of OD.

    i then drilled the stock and fitted sling swivel studs.

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    Nice Rifle and looks good S12A.

    I have a .22LR CZ 452 as well, but looks nothing like yours.

    Well done.



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      Nice work!Well done


      • S12A
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        thanks for the comments fellas

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      Nice, My 452 now looks like my Grandfathers old rifle compared to yours.

      How does the coating on the barrel hold up, does it get affected by the flexing of the barrel or heat? I am not familiar with coating on a barrel.


      • S12A
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        Thanks John! that bolt handle improves it so much

        Spode the coating holds up fine , even rapid fire it wont heat enough to make a difference. its metalguard paint that can be used on gutters n stuff in the sun . so should be fine anyway

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      The rifle looks very nice indeed . Looking forward to fitting out my varmint when I receive my bolt of John


      • jhonvdp
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        Macca! You're on here, great! Will hopefully be in touch about a bolt handle (if CZ gets me this next batch soon enough).

        Glad you like the handle though Anthony!

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      That looks really nice...... Love the paint..


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        Looks great !! Might look into the Dulux Metal shield . . . did you have to do anything special to cure it or just paint it on and leave it be ? and is it painted on directly over a blued barrel or did you have to strip that back first ?


        • S12A
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          just paint it and leave it , no stripping just a bit of prep, make sure its oil free etc.

          its nowhere near as durable as cerakote etc, but its easy and can be removed and goes on better than krylon etc